Weekly Report 2 Oct 09

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Weekly Report 2 Oct 09

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:29 am

Fishing Report
Fraser Island Fishing report courtesy of Sailfish Apartments, Happy Valley: Ph (07) 4127 9494
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Hervey Bay
Northerly winds are again forecasted for this weekend, however this is good news for fishermen heading up the rivers/creeks and dams as this is when they typically fire. The approaching full moon will also bring larger tides, creating good conditions for those chasing whiting and flathead. Dirtier water along the beaches has seen good numbers of summer whiting moving into the shallows to forage over the incoming tide. Shelly Beach and the Urangan Pier have been popular spots, especially with families and children having a fish over the school holidays. Live yabbies and worms have been working best. The lower reaches of the Burrum River has been fishing well for summer whiting and flathead. Fresh bait has been working best for the summeries, with flatties being caught on live bait, white pilchards, soft plastic and hardbody lures. The mid reaches of the river has seen a mixed bag of bream, cod and grunter caught on bait and soft plastic prawn imitations. Mangrove jack are starting to become more active with good results coming from the Burrum and Gregory systems at night using strips of fresh mullet and live baits. As water temps rise and the fish become more active, soft plastic and hard body lures will become a good option.

Quality grunter are still being reported from the Susan and Mary River systems on live yabbies and prawns. Gulp shrimp and ghost shrimp have been catching their fair share of fish as well as they look very realistic in the water and have a very strong, fish attracting scent. There’s been a few salmon scattered throughout from around Beaver Rock up and can be targeted on livies, bombers, D.O.A shrimp etc. The full moon should also see mud crabs become quite active throughout the local creeks. Fresh mullet works well, just remember to label your pots and check them fairly regularly. Plenty of sand crabs can also be found further down the Straits at the moment. The western creeks of Fraser have been fishing well for flathead around the creek mouths on the run out tide. Soft plastics are one of the most productive methods as they cover a lot of ground and imitate the bait that the flathead are feeding on. Live baiting will also bare good results. School mackerel have been plentiful over the last few weeks with the odd broad barred and spanish mackerel also being caught. Popular spots have been the beacons, Roy Rufus artificial reef, Outer banks, the drop off around the Burrum and the Fairway Buoy.

Trolling hard body lures like Halco Laser Pro’s and Rapala CD 9 and 11’s has been very effective as well as spinning with Flasha spoons. If you’re anchored up whole ganged pilchards or livies (herring/pike/yakkas) fished in a burley trail have been working well. Avoid using wire as it spooks a lot of fish, instead opt for a heavier mono or fluorocarbon leader. A few snapper are still being caught around the Rooney’s area on both bait and soft plastics. Large cobia are also around in similar areas and are taking live and dead baits and soft plastics. We anticipate that small black marlin should start moving in over the next few weeks, as they make their way down the coast. This is probably a good time for game fishos to start gearing up with the up coming game comp and pelagics season.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666

A drop of rain wouldn't go astray, especially for those on the land and relying on tank water .For those on holiday, we hope you are enjoying the weather and the hospitality shown to you at Rainbow Beach, sorry about the smoke, those responsible should be accountable. On to fishing and last weeks great run of snapper fishing has slowed down probably entirely due to the offshore current picking up which has made angling difficult. It has been virtually impossible to use soft plastics and reliance has been entirely on bait. Maybe the current will ease after the moon this month ,lets hope so. Fishing has been mainly on the closer inshore reefs this week and some nice snapper in the 2-3 kg range have been landed along with pearl and moses perch, sweetlip, parrot, and a few gold spot cod. Last weekend was blown out with North westers and this weekend is looking like a write off also with North westers and then South easters Sunday with increasing swell. In the Straits I have heard reports of some great flathead fishing in the Pelican Bay area with the re-appearance of some good muddies along with a few sandies. Inskip Pt is producing a few golden trevally with spotty mackerel, both these species are early this year. Further up along the main beach there have been some good catches of whiting from the gutters.

Freshwater Report-Lake Monduran Report
The approaching full moon combined with northerly winds this weekend should see Monduran fire. Changing weather patterns over the last week saw water temps drop to around 22-24C, however the change in wind should bring temps back up to around 24-27C. Bird Bay has been fishing well around the weed points and edges, casting soft plastics like Squidgy slick rigs, Berkley hollow bellies and Storm bait n twitches. Storm plastics have been working well particularly in the curly tail version as they imitate a bait fish excellently. Aggregations of bait have also started to move into the main river courses and main basin which has opened up more options for trollers. Lures like Classic Barras, Predatek Vipers and RMG’s are all good performers. The annual family fishing comp will also be held from the 9th-11th of October. If the fishing continues at its current rate it’s shaping up to be a good comp.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
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