Weekly Report 5 Nov 09

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Weekly Report 5 Nov 09

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:34 pm

Hervey Bay
The full moon period saw some excellent fishing for a range of species as expected. A couple of good days of weather allowed boaties to venture into the bay where mack tuna were found in numbers anywhere from Kingfisher to Rooneys. These tuna will be even more active and easier to catch on the smaller tides. School, broad-barred and small spanish mackerel have been on the chew over local reefs such as the outer banks, arch cliffs 6 mile, the arti and around the beacons (mostly the fairway and NU2). Most reefs will hold a number of mackerel this time of year and they are often very easy to catch. Simply spinning metal spoons or slugs at high speed from the bottom, or setting livebaits or ganged pillies just above the bottom will do the job. A couple of boats took advantage of the good weather to venture north to the gutters where good quality snapper, large grass sweetlip, cod and cobia were found. One crew in particular went to a lot of trouble to get quality livebaits and scored some excellent coral trout for their efforts. Livebait is, and will be, a problem for the next couple of months, however, herring can be found over a couple of local reefs (if you can get them past the mackerel), and yakkas are likely over reefs in the Rooneys area.

The local shallow reefs have produced reasonable catches of grass sweetlip, painted sweetlip, estuary cod and coral trout for those putting in the effort to hit the water early. Some good grunter are also on offer for those fishing in the vicinity of Pt Vernon. The arti fished well over the bigger full moon tides with small snapper of a couple of kilos being taken on both plastic and fresh baits. Decent grass sweetlip, painted sweetlip and estuary cod were also on the chew. The crane has been removed from the Urangan Pier which is now open to anglers all the way to the end. The pier has been fishing quite well for pelagics when the water is clearer due to southerly weather. School mackerel and golden trevally have been taken in small numbers over the past week. Flathead have been a good option on livebaits from both the first channel and the deeper end of the sandbank. Dirtier water associated with northerly weather brings whiting into the shallows of the first channel over bigger tides, as was the case over the full moon. Garfish continue to entertain light tackle anglers in the first channel, best targeted just after high tide. A few bream are still available for those fishing either baits or lightly-rigged plastics.

Shelley beach once again has been the best beach-based option for a feed of sand whiting. Shelley is certainly at its best over bigger rising tides with a bit of northerly wind to stir the water up. Yabbies and worms are good baits to use there. Seems the yabbie banks on south beach (the beach running south from Urangan harbour) no longer produces the yabbies that it used to. Anglers are now faced with locating yabbies elsewhere, with Eli Creek copping a fair hammering nowadays. Northerly winds offer great conditions for fishing our local rivers. The Mary/Susan system continues to produce good quality threadfin salmon, which are becoming increasingly common in the lower reaches right to the heads. Good schools of grunter can be found in deeper holes, mainly in the Susan. Excellent catches of whiting can be expected over the flats and channels of the lower Mary, up the Susan to about the Bunya junction and over the same sort of terrain south of River Heads down the Straits.

A few bream can be caught in the lower Susan and Bengstons on fresh baits, yabbies or on lightly-weighted plastics. Expect to find flathead around River Heads, over gravelly sections of the lower Susan and around any of the smaller creek mouths as the bigger tides drain the creeks. The western creeks of Fraser have been producing a few flathead, some quality whiting and small bream. Mangrove jacks have made their presence felt for those fishing livebaits or lures further into the creek systems, where a grunter or two can also be expected. The Burrum system is fishing very well for quality mangrove jacks. Mullet fillets or small baitfish such as herring work quite well. Lure fishos are finding that the tried and proven Tilsan Barras, Spoonbills, Little Lucifers and small Bombers are doing the job in varying conditions. Targeting back eddies behind major snags, rockbars and submerged timber and peppering the area to produce a response is often required. Small soft plastics such as Squidgy Fish, 4” Tsunami Super Softies and prawn imitations can be even more effective, albeit a bit prone to snagging up. For snag-free rigging techniques, drop in and see the boys at Tackleworld. Burrum anglers can also expect to find flathead, whiting and bream in the lower reaches up to about the haven. Grunter are likely throughout the mid reaches of all four rivers. Reports from Fraser Island suggest that some excellent tailor are being taken in the vicinity of Waddy Point. Tailor have been quite thick and are being taken day or night on ganged pillies or metal lures.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
This week has again produced more perfect weather for offshore but unfortunately most people work through the week, and to make matters worse most weekends of late have been windy. Last Sunday and Monday produced some quality fish with snapper to 7kgs on Sunday until the endangered species turned up -- SHARK. Actually seeing the photo of a 10ft shark (Courier Mail) last week that had been attacked on a drum line brought back memories. A couple of years ago we came across a buoy offshore and on the hook was a whaler shark bitten right in half and its estimated length was 9ft. So there are monsters out there. The big snapper are still about but they are possibly moving further out as the water temp rises closer to shore. Pearl & moses perch, parrot, spangled emperor, gold spot cod, coronation cod, trag jew and cobia have made up the bulk of the catch. I don't have any report from the close reefs but grass sweetlip, snapper, moses perch, pearl perch, trag jew & scarlet sea perch should still be about. This weekend doesn't look like fishing weather by the forecast but lets hope they might have the rain bit right this time.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report
This past week has been THE week to be at Monduran. The dam has been absolutely firing on all cylinders for barra due to the perfect light northerly weather coinciding with the onset of the full moon. Great numbers of barra have been caught right around the dam, from the basin to “H” bay. Trollers have had a good time of it with many fish caught trolling diving lures in places such as the main basin, bird bay, “B” bay, and the main river course from “A” through to the second shortcut. Lures diving to 2-3.5 metres appear most effective, though at night even shallower running lures like B52s, bombers and X-raps are scoring. Casting soft plastics such as Squidgy Slick Rigs, Tsunami Super Softies and Storm Bait n Switch to weedy points, downwind bays and over edges dropping off from about 6 foot continue to be the most effective technique. For tips on pimping your plastic for better action/results, drop in and see the boys at Tackleworld.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
What does a fishing guide do on his day off! He takes his son and a mate and catches some fish, its good to take 4 steps forward in the boat and catch a fish. We caught a big giant herring on fly as well as 8 longtails to 24kg, what a day off!

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