Weekly Report 11 Feb 10

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Weekly Report 11 Feb 10

Post by Brad » Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:31 pm

Along the beaches there’s been some nice summer whiting caught on the incoming tide along with the odd flounder. Green toads have been a problem of late so if you encounter a patch, move on elsewhere. The first channel of the Urangan Pier has been producing garfish, flathead and the odd bream. Golden trevally and queenfish have been the main targets off the end of the pier, as the water is still a bit dirty for mackerel. At night pencil squid are still on offer, they’ll start to thin out from now so get into them while they’re still here. The Mary/Susan system has been fishing quite well for threadfin salmon over the last couple weeks. The odd blue salmon is also being caught, particularly throughout the Straits. Live prawns and herring have been working well, with lures being a good option at the top of the tide. Grunter can be found around the deeper holes and are responding well to prawns and yabbies, with some good fish also being caught on Gulp shrimp and minnows.

Quality mangrove jack are on offer throughout the Straits this time of year and can be targeted on live baits, strip baits and a variety of soft plastics and hardbody lures. The creek mouths have been fishing well for flathead on the outgoing tide, with whiting and bream available on the flats. The reefs situated through the Straits are another option; you can expect to catch grass sweetlip, blackall and cod. The recent rain has pushed the best prawns out of the Burrum system, leaving a lot of jelly prawns around. The Mary/Susan system has been a better bet, with some nice catches reported. A few mud crabs are still being caught; however a lot are half full so throw them back. Golden trevally have been in great numbers throughout the bay and can be found on the flats and any of the reefs holding bait. Queenfish have been another likely target on the shallow reefs, moon point, the outer banks and the creek mouths on high tide. Soft plastics and flies are an excellent way to target both of these species, with poppers proving successful on the queenies.

If the fish are hanging deep, try trolling lures like RMG Scorpions. The inshore reefs continue to produce good numbers of grass sweetlip, blackall, cod and the odd coral trout. A few large snapper have also shown up out of season. Fresh baits of hardyheads and pencil squid have been working well, with livies being your best bet for trout or cod. Large numbers of longtail tuna can be found up off Wathumba and south of Rooney’s in close. Small metal slugs and soft plastics have been the lures of choice. A few spotties are being caught wide of the 6 Mile. If they’re not showing on the surface, sink your lures under the tuna schools or into fish marked on the sounder as a lot of the spotty schools are feeding deep. This time of year is excellent for fishing the gutters with plenty of coral trout to be caught. Expect to catch sweetlip, cod, parrot, scarlets, the odd red emperor and cobia as well. Live bait will be your best bet but is still pretty scarce throughout the bay; however the pike start to show up around Valentine’s Day.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
The wind has curtailed offshore activity since last Sunday but the rain was very welcome, more so to those inland from here .It is swell time on the bar again ,although last weekend wasn,t too bad around the 1.5mts. It is that time of year again where 2-3mts can be common, so take care. Last weekend I witnessed some very good mackerel fishing not far from the bar and some great sport was had by those onboard. It was hard to land fish early with some good spaniards being hammered by big dharks. Just as I thought the day was ruined by shark attacks they eased off as the berley trail, with special ingredients brought the spotties on the boil. Some dpotties were nearly as big as the spaniards and after a few hours of this action, it was decided to try for some reefies. Again the close reefs were fairly quiet with only a few moses perch, sweetlip, snapper, and scarlett sea perch landed amongst a lot of undersize fish.Hopefully the mackies will stay around for a while as they do offer great sport on light gear. There is no report from the Beach this week as conditions have not been favourable there. In the Straits Wayne from Rainbow Beach Tackle & Camping advises mud crabs are still being potted in good numbers .Well until next week - Good Fishing.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
Lenthalls dam is now 100% full after the recent rain; this has seen water temperatures drop to around 26C. The main body of the dam is still fairly clean, with dirtier water further up the creek arms. Very few people are fishing the dam at present so traffic is at a minimum. Expect to find barra feeding in the shallow flooded grass banks until they start to rot. There’s also likely to be a number of fish closer to the wall due to the rain. Squidgy Boof Frogs, Slick Rigs and Hollowbellies continue to produce fish.

Lake Monduran Report
Monduran Dam is now sitting at 38% due to the 3m rise after the rain, with water temps averaging 26C. This combined with rainy/cloudy conditions has seen the fishing slow down quite a bit. A couple of fish have been trolled up in the main basin area, with the odd fish being caught casting. There’s a lot of broken off weed floating in the water in the back reaches making things difficult. We need another spell of warmer/sunny weather to fire things up again.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Dave Loh and Mick flew up from sydney for a couple of days fishing with me on the bay and had some excellent weather conditions for fishing, Longtail Tuna, Mac Tuna, Barracuda and Golden Trevally were just a few of the captures made by the boys.

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