Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 1 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:04 pm

Conditions are looking good for anglers over the Easter long weekend with SE/SW winds predicted. Thanks to the larger tides associated with the last full moon, the water has cleared dramatically in the lower bay which has opened up a lot more fishing options. The Urangan Pier will be a great option for the family over the Easter period as there are a variety of species on offer and cleaning stations and BBQ’s for your catch. Whiting and garfish are being caught in the shallows and are a good target for the kids as they are easy to handle and are relatively easy to catch. Quality bream are still being caught, with the larger specimens being landed at night. Now that the water is clearing and there’s plenty of bait, mackerel are starting to come in again with a few schoolies and the odd broad-barred mackerel reported. Live baits have seen the best results, with golden trevally and queenfish on the cards as well. Soft plastics and metal spoons are another good option.

According to the guys at the Kingfisher Jetty Hut, good whiting, bream and a few flathead are being caught. Fresh bait has been working well, with soft plastics producing some of the larger bream and flathead. The water around Kingfisher is still a bit to dirty for the pelagics, however as it clears we should see mackerel, tuna and trevally move in. Prawns, prawns and more prawns!! After the substantial amount of rain we received, we’ve seen the best run of prawns in years with plenty of big banana prawns around. Just a reminder; that there is a limit of 10 liters of prawns per person. There are still a few mud crabs around in the creeks and throughout the Straits, with the odd sand crab on offer as well. The shallow reefs have been a bit quiet; however some nice bream are being caught at Gataker’s off the rocks. Sweetlip, blackall and cod have been the other main targets along with golden trevally. Soft plastics have been working particularly well in prawn and baitfish imitations.

Golden trevally can be found in good numbers over the reefs holding bait around Maringa, Wathumba and Rooney’s. Live baits, soft plastics, metal spoons and trolled deep diving lures have all been successful. Scattered schools of mac tuna can be found from Arch Cliffs to Rooney’s, with the odd school of longtail tuna. If you’re finding it hard to spot a school on the surface, use your sounder to locate schools of bait on the bottom as some of the longtails have been sitting deeper in the water column. With potentially good weather those with larger vessels will be able to venture wider, with the Southern Gutters being a great option this time of year. Quality coral trout, the odd red emperor, cod, large grass sweetlip and a mixture of other reef species are on offer. Live baits have been producing best results, however soft plastics like Berkley Gulps have been working well.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters - http://www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
No Charters for us this week due to other committments, but the outlook for Easter looks reasonable, so maybe we will get out on Saturday. I have not heard any reports from offshore this week, although a few vessels have been out .In the straits mud crabs continue to be taken, but a lot of bucks are empty so you would be best to let the rattlers go to fatten up. Whats the point in killing a crab, if there is no meat in the body. Flathead are in good numbers around Pelican Bay and up the inside of Fraser Is and the BIG Trevally (Golden) are back at Inskip Pt. Live Bait will be your best chance to land one of these monsters. My report last week was critical of the area for assessment off Fraser Island ,this is for all forms of Angling whether you are Charter, Professional,or Recreational. Certain comments of mine may have been deleted for Legal or Political reasons I assume. Look, really all Fishers out of this area should be very concerned. I know my Business could be in jeopardy and all others dependent on the area in question.Then you have the flow on to all businesses especially Tourism at Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. There is a meeting at Tin Can Bay on 22nd April at 10.30am so to all Businesses that are interested in there future be there.
Till next week - Take care on the water. Tony Stewart

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report
Fishing at Monduran has been particularly quiet since the water conditions haven’t stabilized after the significant rise in water level; however it should settle in a few weeks. If you’re still keen for a fish, try the deeper water areas and cleaner edges. Target areas with steeper terrain, as the shallow bays are full of rotting weed. Water temperatures are averaging 25-26C with some areas peaking at 28C. If you’re there for the Easter period and the fishing is quiet then kick back and enjoy the family activities at the caravan park being put on by Rob and the crew.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
Dave Cassidy and his sons Nick and Doug drove up from Brisbane for a day to have a fish in Hervey Bay, they had a ball catching longtail tuna, golden trevally and finished the day with a big spanish mackeral on a halco lure left floating on the surface.

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