Weekly Report 21 Apr 10

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Weekly Report 21 Apr 10

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:17 pm

Hervey Bay
Fairly ordinary weather over the past week or so has seen fishing activity rather limited. A good wind forecast for the ensuing Anzac Day long weekend should see plenty of anglers hitting the water. Banana prawns are still the big news item locally, with our current prawn season being easily the best in years. Huge numbers of prawns can be found in the Mary/Susan system and channels adjacent to the heads. They can also be found down the straits, with smaller prawns in some of the creeks and larger specimens in the deeper creeks or in the channels of the straits. Reports during the week from the pier suggest a chance of school mackerel or golden trevally from the deeper section near the end. Some good whiting, plenty of bream and a few flathead have also been biting in the first channel. No mention of larger bream as yet, though normally this time of year should see a few 1 kilo+ thumpers turning up.

Local beaches, particularly Shelley Beach, have produced a few good feeds of quality sand whiting over the past week. The building tides over the upcoming full moon period should see the whiting bite quite well. When the weather allows, sportsfishos would be well served to head towards Wathumba Creek to chase either longtail or mack tuna. Golden trevally and mackerel are also present over many of the reefs in the Platypus Bay area. Mackerel, both school and Spanish have been in very good numbers over a number of local reefs and around the beacons holding bait. Locations such as the Ach Cliffs 6 mile, Burrum 8 mile, Outer Banks, Maringa, and the Fairway are holding the better numbers of fish. Golden trevally and a few cobia can be expected in the same areas.

Our annual run of snapper has started slowly already with a few good fish in the 5-6 kilo range caught around Rooneys prior to the latest blow. The Arti is also producing small numbers of quality snapper for those in the know, particularly soft plastic fishos. Plenty of cod and a few coral trout have been available for those fishing heavier tackle on the Arti and other local reefs such as Moon Ledge, Mickeys and Boges. Reasonable catches of grass sweetlip are also on the cards in the same areas. The shallow reefs surrounding Woody Island etc have been a bit quiet for anything other than blackall and grass sweetlip. Very early starts or fishing at night will produce better in these areas. Gatakers Bay area is fishing a little better, with small snapper to 50cm, the odd grunter, a few grass sweetlip and blackall featuring in catches. Bream are starting to show around Gatakers, but they will be in much better numbers June to August.

Winter whiting are worth the effort for those that chase them. Schools are reportedly still scattered, so drifting will produce better catches than anchoring. Scattered schools can be found south of Round Island, off Toogoom, outside dayman spit off Torquay and south of the harbour. The approaching good weather should see a lot of the larger boats heading to the Gutters chasing a feed of reef fish. It is an excellent time of year to hit the gutters, with excellent fishing for coral trout, large cod, large grass sweetlip, a few scarlets, hussar and tuskfish. Sharks continue to menace anglers on the ledges of the southern gutter, so be prepared to move elsewhere if sharked.

Rainbow Beach Report courtesy Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters -www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au Ph: 07 54868666
No Report.

Freshwater Report-Lake Lenthalls Report
No Report.

Lake Monduran Report
Report courtesy Rob @ Lake Monduran Caravan Park Rob says that the barra fishing has finally improved over the past week, after a very lean couple of months due to the influx of extra water. Whilst the cooler southeaster has been blowing, at least it has been a stable and consistent wind. Fish have been reasonably active, mostly afternoon and early evening. Water temperature might only be averaging 24-25 degrees but this is still enough for this time of year. Traditionally, this and next month will see a particularly good bite as the barra endeavour to fatten up prior to the onset of winter. As usual it pays to head to the windward sections of the lake, particularly when a prevailing wind has been blowing. Bigger fish are being found in cleaner sections of the windward bays nearer to the bay entrances. Smaller 60-70cm models have been the main size found in the backwaters of the same bays, in many cases hanging about beneath floating logs and debris. Slow rolling slick Rigs or twitching suspending hard-bodied lures are proving most successful at this time. Plenty of other presentations are likely to work also, just keep the lure in the strike zone as long as possible by slowing retrieves down. There has not been a lot of action for trollers, though occasional fish are still turning up from the main basin to white rock.

Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
The boys from Sydney flew in for a couple of days longtail fishing and were not disapointed (even though Paul landed the biggest, over 15kg) landing 18 fish for the two days mostly on plastics, well done guys!

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