Weekly Report 11 Jun 10

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Weekly Report 11 Jun 10

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:36 pm

Hervey Bay
The Urangan Pier has produced some nice fish this week; with bream up to 1kg still being caught. Numbers haven’t been as good as previous weeks however should improve with the approaching larger tides. Whiting and flathead are also on offer in the first channel. Off the end of the pier; school mackerel, spanish mackerel, longtail and mac tuna, golden trevally and small tailor have been landed. Just remember to check your sizes as there are a lot of undersize school mackerel and tailor. Quality bream are also on offer around the rocky outcrops and creeks on the western side of Fraser. Fresh baits like mullet strips, gut, pilchards and prawns have been working well. Soft plastics and vibes are another effective way to catch bream and usually produce the larger specimens. Drop into Fisherman’s Corner to see which lures have been working best. If you’re fishing around the rocks, don’t forget a squid jig as local squid are a terrific target during the winter months. Flathead are also becoming a more viable target with better numbers of quality fish being caught. Try fishing the creeks and adjacent channels in the Straits. Soft plastics are probably the most effective way to target them as you can cover a lot
of area with them.

The Approaching new moon will provide some of the best tides of the month for snapper fishing. We haven’t seen our big run of fish yet, however, small numbers of school snapper (3-4kg) have turned up around Wathumba, which hopefully will improve into July. Massive quantities of baitfish have begun to gather throughout Platypus Bay, which is a big drawcard for the snapper. The Arti has also produced the odd quality fish, however there are a lot of smaller fish in between. Expect more snapper to show up briefly in areas such as the Fairway and Outer Banks as they travel into the lower bay. Grass sweetlip and blackall are on offer over the inshore reefs. The larger specimens have been caught at night, with squire also present. Plenty of golden trevally and school mackerel can also be found over the inshore reefs. Live baits and metal spoons have been working best. Rainbow Beach Charters - BaitRunner CLICK HERE for website. There has been some perfect weather over the past week, and we have had just the 2 trips offshore. We are back out again today,as we go through to Tuesday, although the weather will control that. Some very lively school mackerel have been providing great sport offshore with a few spotties mixed with them. The longtail tuna have now turned up and they have certainly tested the tackle, as they are in the 10 kilo range.

The closer reefs have also provided quality snapper, pearl & moses perch, parrot & large mouth nannygai. Last week I mentioned that a submission regarding the Fraser Island AFA had been sent to Department of Environment, (DEWHA), and compiled by the Tin Can Bay Chamber Commerce with input from Industries & Groups in the region. This has been followed by a meeting at Hervey Bay on Monday with the Hon Tony Bourke, Federal Minister for Agriculture & Fisheries. Representatives from Commercial, Charter, Recreational Trade & Commerce were invited and I beleive we got a good hearing .BUT the final decision or outcome will come from the Environment Departmentt led by Mr Garrett !!. If anyone is interested in knowing what was discussed at that meeting feel free to give me a call or to see the submission check my website from Saturday.Till next week good Fishing & have a great weekend.
Tony Stewart. 54868666.

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Fishing Report from Local Guide, Mark “Bargy” Bargenquast.
The south westerly winds have started to make there presence felt with water temperatures dropping 3 degrees last week, these captures were made by several clients during the week, after the floods down the mary and burrum rivers it looks like a big snapper season ahead and hopefully some great longtail tuna action at the southern end of fraser island.

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