Weekly Report 4 Sep 10

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Weekly Report 4 Sep 10

Post by Brad » Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:12 am

Spring is here and we can say goodbye to another winter (Yee-hah!). A quick review of our latest winter season, and we could surmise that the milder weather this winter had a major impact on our local fishery. Water temperature in the bay barely dropped below 19C, a bit too warm to attract the bigger migrations of baitfish and snapper that we see in colder seasons. The snapper fishery was the most noticeably impacted, with only minimal catches from areas such as Platypus Bay, and below average catches elsewhere in the bay. Meanwhile, bream numbers this year were the best in years, tailor turned up early, winter whiting started slow but turned it on late winter, and local squid didn't hang around as long as usual.

So, what does the advent of spring mean for local anglers? For one, northerly winds, and with that an increase in water temperature that will see flathead, sand whiting, jewfish and pelagics such as golden trevally, mackerel and tuna increase their activity. A lot of angler effort will be concentrated in local estuaries such as the Mary/Susan system, Burrum system and the straits in coming months as fish such as those mentioned above, together with mangrove jack, barramundi, threadfin salmon and grunter all start to fire up. In the meantime, there are still snapper to be had over local reefs such as the Arti, the reefs wide of the Burrum, the 25 Fathom Hole and Rooneys. These areas are likely to fish better for snapper when the wind is not blowing from the north, and over the larger tide phases.

The fairway buoy has drawn a lot of pelagic activity this week, with schools of large mack tuna, a few bigger longtail tuna and school mackerel in attendance. These fish are responding well to livebait, but are also taking spoons, slugs and poppers. The Arch Cliffs 6 Mile and Outer Banks areas are also attracting numbers of the same pelagics at times, plus bonito, tailor and golden trevally. Good quality winter whiting are still available on the grounds off Toogoom/Dundowran. Bream, tailor and a few squire are being taken from the reefs surrounding Point Vernon. The Urangan Pier has been a bit quiet this week, however, there are still bream and a few good flathead on offer. Bonito are showing up from time to time for a bit of fun. The town beaches have been quiet for whiting due to the smaller tides, though expect this to improve with the next series of bigger tides.

Flathead continue to be one of the best target species this time of year. They can be found lurking around creek mouths, channels and banks throughout the straits, the lower Mary/Susan and the Burrum. Targeting flathead with soft plastics is by far the most successful, though they can also be caught livebaiting or with a well-presented pillie or hardihead. The eastern beach of Fraser Island is fishing very well for tailor, dart and flathead. Some of the better tailor gutters are formed between Happy Valley and Dundaburra. Large dart are prevalent in the same areas and further south. Numbers of decent sized bar-tailed flathead can be found lurking on the edges of many of the better low tide gutters. There are absolutely heaps
of pippies available along the beach for bait.

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