Weekly Report 9 Sep 10

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Weekly Report 9 Sep 10

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:25 pm

Big tides this week associated with the new moon, combined with good spells of weather have resulted in some good catches locally. Highlights over the past week or so include a few good hauls of snapper, small patches of large tuna, prolific flathead and some good quality sand whiting. The best reports of snapper have come from those fishing the Rooneys area, Wathumba and the Gutters. Certainly not everyone is finding the snapper, so if doing it tough, then be prepared to move around and try different locations. A couple of crews have bagged out on quality fish around the 80cm mark, but are finding very specific and short-lived bite periods, primarily dawn and dusk.

Estuary cod are becoming more active and are responding to well presented live baits over the turn of the tide. You can find cod on most reefy locations throughout the bay, in sizes ranging from barely legal to absolute monsters. Expect to also encounter cod whilst livebaiting or lure fishing in any of our local creeks and estuaries. Flathead continue to be great targets and can be found around most creek mouths, drains on the edge of sand/mud flats and around areas of rubble in the lower reaches of our larger rivers. Toss soft plastics, blades or baits like hardiheads into the shallow water and retrieve back over the drop offs on the lower part of the ebb tide for best success.

Sand whiting are turning up in better numbers, as is typical for this time of year. Try Shelley Beach on a big rising tide if shore-based in town. Otherwise, the beach north of Moon Creek is producing nice whiting, as are many of the channels, flats and creeks of the Straits and the lower Susan River. If heading down the straits or into the lower reaches of the Burrum or Mary, then make sure you have a squid jig on hand as a few quality local squid are hanging around over the higher tide phase when the water is clearer. Mackerel are scattered at present, anywhere from the beacons off the Burrum, the 8 Mile, Coongul and around River Heads. They have also been harassing the winter whiting schools at times. Be careful of size limits as there are four species caught locally with differing size and bag limits (expect mostly school and broad-bar this time of year).

Trevally are a good target for sportsfishos off Wathumba, around the Picnics and in the Burrum. Flicking plastics, blades or poppers or spinning metals at speed should secure some of the many species on offer (golden, tea-leaf, big-eye, GT to name a few). Queenfish can also be found in the Burrum, and will soon be a target around creek mouths such as Coongul and Moon, and the lower bay islands such as the Picnics. Fraser's eastern beach continues to fish well for tailor and large dart around the Dundaburra area and north of Orchid beach. Some days are better than others, with the best quality tailor coming over high tide at night. Both bar-tailed and dusky flathead can be found in low tide gutters, and bream are turning up around the areas of coffee rock. For the latest on what's biting and for all the gear and tips on how to catch them, drop in and see the guys at Fishermans Corner.

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