Weeekly Report 4 Dec 10

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Weeekly Report 4 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:35 pm

Mud crabs have been on the move in local creeks and rivers of late. The return for effort has been very good by all reports, with crabbers getting their share of nice "full" rusty bucks. With summer school holidays just around the corner, the number of pots in local waters will increase dramatically, so make the most of the current run. Pot theft and share-farming continue to be major issues here (and everywhere it seems), so keep an eye on your pots and report thieves to the fisheries Dept.

Spotted mackerel have moved further down into the bay, with schools now as far south as Coongul. The schools are still somewhat scattered, though can be easily found by following the signs (ie; birds feeding). Mack tuna are prolific up the island as well, but can be distinguished from spotties from a distance as the tuna will break through the water's surface whereas the signature of spotties is more of a "sip" or series of smaller slashes on the surface. Chasing spotties on bright sunny days will improve your catch rate, as they tend to feed off the surface more when it is sunny.

School mackerel and golden trevally can be found over many local reefs, including the Arch Cliffs 6 Mile, the Outer Banks and Maringa to name but a few. Better quality grass sweetlip are featuring in catches from shallow reefs such as those fringing Woody Island, to deeper areas of softer corals and ferns such as Boges and the Channel Hole. Cod, blackall and coral trout can be expected over most decent local reef systems from now through summer.

Threadfin salmon, grunter, cod, flathead, and whiting are still being caught from the Mary and Susan rivers, as well as from creeks in the upper reaches of the straits. The four rivers of the Burrum system are producing mangrove jack, the odd salmon, grunter, cod and flathead. Prawns can be found in the upstream reaches of these rivers. Further rain this week, coupled with the building tides towards the upcoming new moon should see the prawns moving further down. The Urangan Pier has fished well this week for pelagics, after what was a slow period the week before. Large broad-barred mackerel and school mackerel have been caught, either livebaiting with herring or high-speed spinning with flasha lures. For the latest on what's biting and for all the gear and tips on how to catch them, drop in and see the guys at Fishermans Corner.

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