Weekly Report 10 Dec 10

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Weekly Report 10 Dec 10

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 10, 2010 6:55 am

Rain, storms and hot muggy days this week have changed the local fishing scene somewhat, with summer species responding as expected. The bigger falls of rain were received in the Burrum/Gregory catchments, bringing down yet another fresh in the rivers. Locals on the Burrum river system continue to catch some great mangrove jacks. Fish over 50cm are relatively common. Most fish are taken livebaiting over the bottom of the tide, or with fresh mullet fillets. The spike in temperature this week should trigger a more aggressive response from the jacks for lure-casters. Fraser's western creeks also hold some good jacks, but you need to target them over the higher tide phase as most of these creeks deny access when the tide is low.

The banana prawns in the Burrum, Isis and Gregory are moving due to the fresh. Some quite reasonable catches have been reported from castnetters working the mid-upper reaches during the recent big run out tides. Mud crabs have been on the move throughout many local creeks and rivers, but already there are big numbers of crab pots in some of the better areas. Threadfin salmon continue to be the big drawcard for a lot of anglers hitting the Mary/Susan system. Salmon up to 12kg have been caught this week. Grunter, flathead, whiting and cod are also being caught in these rivers.

Town beaches have produced some small catches of whiting over the recent big tides. Whiting schools have been fairly scattered along the beaches, so the anglers willing to move around in search of them are fairing best. A lot of small whiting have been mixed in with a few decent fish. As the tides fall away, the whiting will get tougher to tempt until the next series of bigger tides in a week or so. The Urangan Pier has been very quiet over the past couple of days. This is fairly standard for the pier during the peak of the bigger tides. Expect fishing out there for pelagics to improve over coming days as the current backs off. Broad-barred mackerel and school mackerel will be the main targets, whilst the big giant trevally are there for heavy tackle anglers.

Reef fishing for our summer species continues to improve as local waters warm up. Coral trout captures have notably increased, with cod, sweetlip and blackall offering a mixed bag. Further north, and the southern gutters area is producing a few coral trout on livies, venus tusk fish, hussar, cod and a few sweetlip. School mackerel are a real problem for reef anglers in the vicinity of the gutters. Sportfishos are in their element right now, with plenty of pelagics to choose from. School mackerel can be found over numerous reefs from Urangan to Rooneys, and from beacons such as the Fairway. A lot of big golden trevally can be found over similar reefs and are also likely up on the flats. Schools of spotted mackerel and mack tuna can be found scattered up along the inside of the island, being more prevalent north of Arch Cliffs to Rooneys.

For the latest on what's biting and for all the gear and tips onhow to catch them, drop in and see the guys at Fishermans Corner.

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Re: Weekly Report 10 Dec 10

Post by cujo » Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:33 am

hi.just wondering what would be a possible reason for the large tides quitening the fishing at the urangan pier?

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