Weekly Report 2 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 2 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:20 am

Hi Folks,
Let me introduce myself. I am a 62 year old retired ex-serviceman who has a long time love of fishing. I have recently moved back to Hervey Bay after an 18 years absence and I am still revisiting some of those areas that I once successfully fished. Over the coming months, I look forward to meeting with and talking to you all around the foreshores and creeks in the Hervey Bay area. I also look forward to the new experience of writing about our collective fishing experiences.

Over the past few weeks, Hervey Bay’s estuary fishing scene has been recovering from the heavy rainfalls of early February. To top it off, this week the flooding Mary River has pushed another big fresh into the Sandy Straits. This runoff may have an effect on the quality of fishing for a further few weeks. It seems that recently we are going through a period of rain and strong winds unsuitable for fishing followed by a period of good weather and dirty waters. Well it is summer in Queensland I hear you say. Ce la vie. Overnight Wednesday, the water quality in the western parts of the bay deteriorated quickly with only a handful of optimistic people fishing along the shorelines or the Urangan jetty. With the dirty waters come the dreaded salmon catfish which, from experience, really put up a good fight; however the thought of boating or eating one has never entered my mind. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for this fish as I seem to be good at catching them.

Summer whiting have been my principal target over the past few weeks. My grand-daughters (6 & 11) and I have been pumping yabbies on the low tide from the mouth of Eli Creek and then fishing along the foreshore anywhere between Scarness and Torquay. This excursion has a twofold purpose, both to teach them the art of fishing and to provide them with somewhere safe to swim when they get bored. Seems to work wonders as they are equally happy doing both and I can keep an eye on them while continuing to seek the mighty whiting.
This weekend I would suggest that the main areas to be fishing would be Pt Vernon and Eli Creek areas to the western side of the bay. At the time of writing, this area appears to have escaped the majority of dirty waters that are affecting the eastern parts of Hervey Bay and the Sandy Straits.

For those that like live bait, fresh yabbies can be pumped from the mouth of the creek or the sand flats between the creek mouth and Point Vernon on the bottom of the tide. Species to target with both bait and plastics include the ever popular trio of whiting, flathead and bream. These fish should still be about in enough quantities to provide a good feed for the family. Who knows, the dirty water might just congregate them in this area of cleaner water.
Till next time

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