Weekly Report 23 Mar 12

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Weekly Report 23 Mar 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:15 am

As I sit here pondering this week’s report listening to the rain falling, I thought I would research the rainfall figures. Unfortunately I found that “IT’S OFFICIALLY WET”. Bureau of Meteorology figures reveal that Hervey Bay is experiencing the wettest March on record. Total for the year is 652mm so far, with 266mm falling in just 13 days in March. This means that once again I have to report that we are still experiencing dirty flood waters throughout Hervey Bay waters. All shore based fishing areas in the Bay have some degree of fresh in their water which continues to push the fish far and wide.

Only a few boats are venturing out during lulls in the weather and by all accounts have to go quite a distance further than they normally would to find the fish. My son and I were planning to go out on Friday/Saturday but the marine forecast is not that good at the moment. Fingers are crossed that I will have something to report next week. If the rain can hold off for a few days it will give the creeks and rivers a chance to recover and the fish will return for the Easter break. The latest downpour of 93mm on 18 March even forced freshwater turtles from the many lakes in the region down the flooded drains and out into the ocean at many points along the foreshore. My daughter and grand-daughters managed to rescue one and deliver it back to freshwater as well as alert an animal rescue organisation who saved some more. Apparently it is a regular event in times of extreme downpours.

Don’t forget that the 21st Burrum Heads Easter Fishing Competition runs from Friday 6th-Sunday 8th April. There are $45 000 in PRIZES & GIVE AWAYS, ESKY WHEEL Raffles, KIDS CLINIC Challenge & giveaways + much more! We can hope that the weather is kind for this event. With all the wet weather about it is time to remember that “The two best times to fish is when it's rainin' and when it ain't.” (Patrick F. McManus)
Until next week,

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