Weekly Report 30 Apr 12

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Weekly Report 30 Apr 12

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:36 am

Hervey Bay is into its third day of strong winds which are stirring up the dirty waters and whipping it into white foam. The wind is blowing from the SSE at 15 knots with gusts to 23 knots and a falling barometer. It doesn’t look good for boaties with 15 knot winds expected to continue until next Tuesday. Only a few boats had put in at the Hervey Bay Marina today, although there are about two dozen who are using the boat ramp at River Heads and heading into the Susan River reach in search of some better waters. Mud crabs are still the most common catch according to those returning to the ramp, as the waters are still quite dirty. A good sign for things to come was the sighting of a pod of porpoise inside the heads. Locals said they have not seen porpoise inside the heads for over three weeks now. Things are looking up. Bait schools are everywhere throughout the Bay area from Eli Creek to River Heads.

Let us hope that this spell of weather is the storm before the calm. Everyone is looking forward to a cleaner waterway for the Easter break and the onset of cooler weather to bring on not only the snapper but also winter whiting and bream. I am spending my non-fishing time cleaning and inspection my gear in preparation for increased winter activities. I have also been fishing late afternoons for gar wherever I can find a quiet piece of water out of the winds. Pt Vernon and Eli Creek areas are some of the more protected areas to try your luck this weekend. I know I will be there. School children go on holidays from Friday 30 March so be careful on the roads and waterways with your families and enjoy the fishing experience.
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