Weekly Report 20 Apr 12

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Weekly Report 20 Apr 12

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:20 pm

What a great week both weather wise and fishing wise. I have spent the last week crabbing each day with my nephew in the Eli Creek area. We set 7 pots on Sunday afternoon and when we checked them on Monday there were only 6. It is sad to see that the “share farmers” are taking not only the contents of the pots but the pots themselves. There seems to be no respect for other people’s property these days. My nephew informs me that he has lost 34 pots in the area over the past two years. Anyway we still potted a good amount in the six remaining pots over the next few days but all were undersize except for three keepers. It is great to see that Eli Creek is still supporting an excellent amount of juvenile mud crabs.

We also managed to get out to the Arti and Bait grounds for a few hours on Tuesday where we used live mullet and caught Golden Trevally, mackerel and one rather large and cranky shark which I have temporarily identified as a ‘Tawny Nurse Shark’. It was about 6-7 feet and 40-50kg (It should be noted that these measurements do not include the fisherman’s right to add a ‘little’ bit). It took us 40 minutes to get it to the boat and there was no chance we would allow it in our small boat once we saw its size. We released it so that some other fisherman can end up with a sore back and slightly bruised knees. I will try and get photos for those that are interested in identifying it for me.

There are great fishing reports coming in from all over the Bay. River Heads, the beaches, creeks and Urangan Pier as well as all the reef system far and wide are producing heaps of fish. Pelagics are particularly prevalent on the outer reefs but so are the sharks that like to nick your catch before you get it aboard. From Barra and salmon to whiting and bream there appears to be something for everybody wherever you choose to fish this weekend. The weekend forecast is looking great with a new moon on Saturday, large tidal flow and good weather predicted. The boat ramps should be very busy so please be patient and considerate of others. Both the Solunar and Maori fishing calendar predictions are for “Excellent” fishing for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What more can we ask for?

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