Weekly Report 2 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 2 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:50 pm

The weather over the past week has been very irritating for my fishing activities with a combination of cold, wind and rain making my ‘research’ quite uncomfortable at times. All the same, someone has to do it don’t they? I managed to get out with my nephew for a few hours on Saturday when we fished the Susan River area in an attempt to get out of the wind. We caught a mixed bag including whiting, bream, jewfish and chopper tailor. It was more of an exploration trip as neither of us had fished the area before. We found some great looking holes and banks which we will be investigating further in the coming months. Reports from the area indicate that bream were the predominant species caught with the occasional grunter, flathead and salmon thrown in for good luck. Reports of good size banana prawn from the River Heads and Straits areas are also filtering in so it might be worth getting your cast net out this weekend.

I also fished the Urangan Pier using live herring for three good bream (Total weight was 1.9kg) on Monday evening. Left them biting as the wind and rain started to make conditions very uncomfortable for everybody. There were only two hardened veterans left by 7PM. By all accounts, there have been some good catches of mackerel and tuna during the week by those who fished the end of the Pier with live baits under balloons. As the weather continues to get colder, there will be an increase in the quality and quantity of the bream throughout the Hervey Bay area. Try fishing rock formations like the Marina, Gatakers Bay and River Heads areas as well as the closer reef systems using live herring or fresh flesh baits for these great fish. The increasing tide heights that are associated with the full moon on Monday should also bring the whiting on the bite. Try fishing the incoming tide on any of the numerous flats around the Bay area using live yabbies. Big whiting have also been reported in all the local creeks and rivers.

The weather report for the weekend indicates rain for Saturday and Sunday with the winds abating so take your wet weather gear with you. By all reports, the winter run of snapper hasn’t started yet with only a few specimens being caught on the inshore reefs by those who managed to get out. The schools of bait are reportedly increasing in size and quantities so they shouldn’t be far away. The weekend weather may allow some trips to places like Rooneys, 25 fathom and 8 mile where, by my reckoning, the snapper should be holding at this time of year. I have just had a skin cancer removed from my back and have to keep my activities to a minimum for the next 14 days so will have to wait until I test my theory out. C’est la vie!
Until next week, enjoy the fishing in the waters around beautiful Hervey Bay,

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