Weekly Report 9 Jun 12

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Weekly Report 9 Jun 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:04 pm

The weather and full moon tides weren’t as kind as predicted last weekend. We got about 100mm of rain on Friday/Saturday which have given our creeks and rivers another flush and have had cold, gusty SW/SE winds ever since. Along with an estimated 40 others, I fished the Urangan Pier on Monday afternoon/evening from low to high for a total of two big bream; one on each of the two tide changes. I got busted up a few other times trying to fish light line in among the pylons. I saw dozens of bream being caught by numerous anglers all along the pier with the occasional flathead and an uncommon catch of a 40cm+ squire. Any improved weather conditions in the coming days will see more and more people trying for their share of the bream that are around the pylons at the moment.

While on the Pier, I noticed a young man and his mates throwing a cast net from the jetty and informed him that it was illegal to do that. He smartly replied “It’s not illegal on my map!” and continued to toss the net. I also read in the local paper that some people were seen to be jagging mullet under the Urangan Pier. Both of these anti-social activities are illegal and will cost you a fine. Don’t spoil it for others by being a bloody idiot. The Fisheries Guys do a good job but can’t be in all places at once but you will get caught eventually.

This weekend’s predicted winds and rain will once again make things difficult for finding the fish. The fresh has set us back another week or so by flushing all types of fish from the upper reaches down, and often out of, our creeks and river systems. The prawns that were just coming into River Heads have been reported to be back in the Straits area. Try the mouth of the creeks and rivers for bream, whiting and flathead. The near reef system off Gatakers Bay should be out of the winds and should be holding good quality bream along with the odd grunter, squire and even coral trout. The Urangan Pier should continue to provide anglers with bream, whiting and flathead while on the deep end there have been reports of Trevally, mackerel and tuna being caught on live baits.

This Monday being a holiday, I plan to get out with my nephew into the Susan River area again chasing some whiting on the flood tide. There have also been reports of chopper tailor, bream, grunter and Trevally being caught being in the area so we will hopefully get a feed. In the words of Jenny Morris: “I need a break in the weather!”
Until next week

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