Weekly Report 20 Jul 12

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Weekly Report 20 Jul 12

Post by Brad » Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:19 pm

Runoff from the recent rains is still affecting the fishing scene and will continue to do so for a couple more days. I took advantage of a small break in the weather on Wednesday afternoon to finally get the boat on the water. I decided to get out of the predicted winds by overnighting in a creek on the western side of Fraser Island and to target some summer whiting that were reported to be in these areas. I caught a good feed of bream and whiting from the creek although the runoff from the recent rains didn’t help with the water quality. I also landed a nice size squire from the Arti on the way home in the afternoon. Overall a good catch.

I would like to make mention of the ‘low life’ who stole my winch handle while I was away. I usually remove it myself and lock it in the car but missed it this time. Somehow I know where I would like to shove it if I find the culprit!
Although the boaties managed to get out on Wednesday, there were not a lot of reports of quality fish being caught in the time they had available. Scattered reports of a few snapper and coral trout on the close reefs with longtail tuna, golden Trevally and mackerel reported to be hanging around the bait schools throughout the wider bay area. Weather reports for the next week do not look good for the boaties again.

Bream and flathead are still the bread and butter species from the Piers and rocks throughout the bay. After dark on a rising tide should see the bigger ones around but there are so many about that it is almost impossible not to get a feed. There appears to be increasing reports of tailor schools taking flesh baits and spinners at Burrum River, Urangan Pier and River Heads. Mostly choppers but with the occasional good one scattered in the school. Mackerel have also been reported to be accompanying these tailor schools. Not a good weather report for the coming week but with a bait in the water who cares!
Until next week, John

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