Weekly Report 8 Aug 12

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Weekly Report 8 Aug 12

Post by Brad » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:21 pm

What a difference a bit of sunny mild weather makes to the fishing conditions in Hervey Bay. By all predictions, it is going to get even better over the next week so there is no excuse to not be out there getting a feed of fish. I have taken advantage of the weather to get out twice in the past week. I managed to get a mixed bag from the Artificial Reef least Friday with a 5 Kilo Snapper being my PB. I tried plenty of burley and floating pilchard baits at a number of different marks before finally getting nailed. I also caught blackall and cod in a thoroughly enjoyable session.

I also managed to get out with my son on Wednesday for an overnight session in a creek on the western side of Fraser Island. We targeted the big summer whiting and were also hoping for some of bream and flathead. The way we fish this area is to follow the flooding tide into the creek and anchor in our chosen position and remain there until the next high tide enables us to get out again. We caught 20 odd nice whiting with the occasional bream, flathead and tailor thrown into the bag. Fishing with 4 lb line, we also lost a number of larger fish/rays. Overall it was a great time although we happened to choose the coldest night of the year so far. Plenty of clothing and a dash of ‘medicinal rum’ helped to ease the cold.

Reports from throughout the Bay reveal that there have been lots of snapper caught throughout the past week. From Wathumba to Burrum 8 mile, Gutters to the 25 fathom hole, bag limits have been attained by most boats willing to put the time in. By all reports, the bay waters also have plenty of other species with plenty of Tailor, Trevally, Queenfish, bonito, Bream and winter whiting. Hopefully with the expected good weather, these reports will be tested for accuracy over the next week.
The Urangan Pier still provides the bread and butter species with reports of good catches of squid also reported in the area. Bream continue to be holding around the rocky headlands and shallow reefs. Kingfisher Bay Jetty is also reported to be holding some quality bream and flathead. Get the winter woolies on and enjoy the fishing weather over the next week.
Until next week, John

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