Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 17 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:28 am

There have not been many windows of opportunity open during the past week as the fresh winds from the SE have been replaced with northerlies so it looks like it will be advisable to fish the estuaries this weekend. I fished the beach for whiting on Tuesday evening on a late rising tide. I fished three spots from Urangan’s Dayman Park area to Shelley Beach with live yabbies for only a few keepers. Apart from the many rays around, the wind was whistling from the SE, there was quite a lot of weed at the top of the tide and it was raining, so it wasn’t a particularly great fishing experience. However, anytime you can get away for a bit of fishing has to be better than working don’t you think?

With the new moon occurring on 15th (Thursday night), the Maori fishing calendar predicts that the best days for fishing will be from Friday to Sunday. The northerlies predicted for the coming days will definitely have an impact on the fishing in the open waters of the Bay so be careful if you venture out. From a land based perspective, although the winds are only predicted to be around 10 knots, they will continue to stir up the water close to shore and also drift weed on to the beaches. Look for clean beaches if you are chasing whiting although I did notice that once the tide turns it tends to clear the weed quite quickly. Good luck.

Boaties might like to try the deeper holes in the Burrum, Mary and Susan Rivers for jack, grunter, salmon and flathead. Whiting are still being reported from these systems also. Don’t forget that a closed season applies to barramundi and they are not to be taken until midday 1 February 2103 because of their spawning season. Tides and weather permitting, there are reports of some good sized whiting and flathead along with the occasional jack coming from the creeks on both sides of the Straits.

The regulars on the Urangan Pier tell me that they are still waiting for decent clear water in order to allow the fish back into the area. There are still plenty of herring about even though the predators are few and far between. A few days of good weather should bring the mackerel, trevally and queenfish back on the bite. I hope to be out there this weekend to test the waters, even if I only get some herring to use when next I get out to the reef, it will be time well spent.
The Hervey Bay Game Fishing Club held a very successful event last weekend, even thought the weather shortened the last days fishing time. Over 160 game fish were tagged and released by just 13 boats with over 150 being black marlin. Having never caught a marlin, I expect that there were some excited competitors on these boats. Congratulations to the Club and the competitors. These tag and release competitions are the competitions of the future and are generally well received by the community. This style of competition continues to show a responsible attitude by the organisers and competitors in maintaining our fish stocks. Well done HBGFC.
Until next week, enjoy the fishing throughout Hervey Bay,

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