Weekly Report 23 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 23 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:36 pm

Even though the weather has not been that good during the week with the northerlies changing to southerlies then back to northerlies yesterday, we may be getting a small break over the weekend. With 5-10 knot easterlies predicted it may give the boaties a chance to get some reef fishing done. During the past few weeks there have not been many opportunities for them to fish the gutters or 25 fathom grounds so keep your fingers crossed.

I managed to get out three times over the past week. I went out with a friend chasing whiting on Saturday night in Moon Creek on the western side of Fraser Island. Even though we didn’t bag out, we still caught some very big whiting and nice bream. I then went out with my nephew on Monday chasing more whiting with the left over blood worms in the mouth of the Burrum. Once again we caught a few good sized whiting before heading for home when a storm front approached. However, the highlight for the day came from another boat with four elderly people on board that were fishing near to us. We watched them fight and land a good fish however they then approached us to ask if we knew what type of fish it was. I recognised it as a “brown morwong” or “blubber lipped bream” of approximately 2-3kg size and they had caught it on a yabbie while fishing for whiting. I have heard of this species being caught in the Burrum system but had never seen one in real life. I have found a photo of one on the internet so will attach it below. Quite a catch don’t you think?

I then did a bit of ‘research’ on Thursday evening on the Urangan Pier. Even thought the outgoing tide contained lots of jellyfish and the occasional spots of floating weed, there were still good schools of herring under the Pier. After two days of southerly winds, it was all good news from those I spoke to. One angler told of bringing 300m of 30lb braid on his reel to the end of the Pier and then watching the line disappear over the horizon towed by a good sized GT. Another told a story of fighting a GT for 45 minutes only to have him wrap around the pylon in the final seconds of the fight while being gaffed.

The Mary/Susan Rivers continue to report good catches of salmon, grunter and jacks on live baits. The straits area is still producing quality whiting and flathead from the sand flats and mangroves on yabbies and blood worms. The increasing tidal runs associated with the full moon next week should see these catches increase. The Burrum River system also has jacks and trevally in the deeper holes on live baits. Winds have kept most boaties at home however if the weather is OK this weekend they should be able to get cod, sweetlip and coral trout from the closer reefs with mackerel, black marlin and tuna from the further reef systems. The deeper reef should also be holding some excellent fish at this time of the year. Overall it appears to be a very good weekend to go fishing throughout the Hervey Bay area.
Until next week,

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