Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

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Weekly Report 30 Nov 12

Post by Brad » Fri Nov 30, 2012 6:41 pm

The winds finally abated to 5-10 knots during the week and boaties were able to get out to all points of the Bay. Pelagic action was reported to be extremely good with black marlin still populating most of the Bay waters north of Moon Point. With the possibility of also encountering large spotted mackerel, golden and giant trevally, longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel thrown in, it has been an exciting week for the boaties. These conditions should remain until at least Monday so make the most of it and try to get out this weekend. I wish that my son’s boat was seaworthy so that I could also get amongst the action. C’est la vie!

The Urangan Pier is still a ‘hot or cold’ possibility with some good reports followed by rubbish. The bay beaches still have a lot of jellyfish and weed no doubt being kept in the vicinity by the northerlies. The bigger tides of the past few days should help with their dispersal, but if you can find a spot where it is relatively clear you will also find some nice whiting and flathead. The end of the Pier is still reporting some good sized GT’s and Golden Trevally on live baits. It is only time until someone catches a black marlin from the pier as the waters continue to clear and the fish continue to spread further south.

The Burrum River system is still producing good catches of whiting, grunter and mangrove jack. Fishing at night seems to be the best for these species but there is still plenty to be caught during the day on the right tides. The Mary/Susan Rivers still report good salmon being caught although they appear to be well spread out throughout the system. The straits flats and estuary mouths are holding quality trevally, flathead and whiting with the deeper gutters holding grunter and the occasional salmon. Fishing this area is well worth the effort as you never know what might end up on your line.

Those that got to the local reefs reported coral trout, sweetlip and blackall have all been in good supply. Out wider on the Southern Gutters and 25 fathom grounds quality reef fish have been caught with coral trout, sweetlip and cod being in the majority. There have been some rumours of sharks moving on to the grounds in order to have an easy meal at your expense, so be aware of their presence. It is sometimes easier to move than to try and get your fish past them. Good luck! Enjoy the weekends fishing and what it may bring you,
Until next week,

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