Weekly Report 7 Dec 12

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Weekly Report 7 Dec 12

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:54 pm

The strong winds managed to stay away during last weekend allowing a lot of boats to head out chasing the schools of pelagics that are prevalent throughout northern bay waters. The black marlin are still reported to be in good numbers from Coongul Creek northwards along with schools of tuna and mackerel. A working flock of birds is the best indication for where these schools are located. As reported last week, sharks are also seeking out these schools of fish so remember to take a bit of heavier tackle to use when they are around.

The strong northerlies of Monday and Tuesday are predicted to be replaced with light southerlies for this weekend so we should once again get an opportunity to put the boats in. The high temperatures during the week are reported to have bought the mangrove jacks on the bite with a vengeance. All the usual spots from the Burrum River system to the small creeks in the Straits are reported to be holding good jacks along with the occasional grunter.
The closer reefs are giving up some blackall, cod, sweetlip and the occasional coral trout. Once again fresh bait is a must with the best catches being after dark. There are reports of good sized blue parrot being caught from the Arty on live crabs. Chose your fishing spot based on the wind and you should catch a feed no matter were you go this weekend.

Threadfin salmon are reported to still be in good supply in the Mary and Susan Rivers. The weather is making them more active and live bait is the go-to bait for them. Grunter, flathead and the occasional cod are still providing a bit of action for those seeking a feed from this system. Further down the straits it is much the same action with the inclusion of some blue salmon and trevally. The building tides this weekend should see some good catches from this area.
Once again, the strong winds have been affecting the fishing action from the Urangan Pier. During the lighter winds, the schools of herring around the pylons continue to attract the bigger species and there have been reports of good catches of queenfish, GT’s, Golden Trevally and school mackerel. The waters still contain thousands of jellyfish however they don’t appear to be turning the fish off. There are still whiting to be found along the bay shorelines and from the first channel on the Pier. Live yabbies are the go with as little lead as possible. As the jack are apparently on the bite, I hope to go fishing for some on Saturday night so will report on my efforts next week. Enjoy the weekends fishing and what it may bring you,
Until next week,

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