Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:46 pm

Although there are many species to chase at this time of the year, the variable weather has been hampering anglers over the last week or so. Having said that, there have been some excellent days and for families wishing to fish on the pier, there have been good catches of quality bream and medium sized flathead to take home. Many other species have made an appearance - golden trevally, bonito, small mackerel, long-tail and mac tuna, shovelnose sharks and many green puffers.

The winter whiting are still fishing well as long as the weather is suitable. Anything from the west, south or east is generally fishable as long as it is not blowing 15kn or so. Anyone able to launch a boat should be able to locate plenty. Snapper are another species starting to show. The Roy Rufus artificial reef, Burrum 8 mile and 25 fathom hole are preferred as long as winds permit. Woodgate is still producing well sized banana prawns. I have heard of a few of these prawns being used at the mouth of the Burrum for 60cm barra and salmon. Also in the Burrum there have been sizeable tailor taking small mullet..

My own fishing with the lures wasn't so successful, i needed a bit more water however I did fish at the pier, caught a bream and an oversize shovelnose shark. It was a quiet day.

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Re: Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

Post by Bluey55 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:51 pm

Friday, 5 July 2013
Hi again Brad,
You couldn’t have hit the nailhead any nearer with your comments on the wind over Hervey bay, however today was one of the seldom days under 15 Knots and although heavily overcast and late morning drizzle that lasted all day, but even that didn’t deter the local and visiting armada of small boats, (ramp car / trailer parking at a premium), and what a great days fishing there was to be had by all, the talk at the ramp wasn’t about the rain but all the different species taken, The bay was certainly hot to trot today, one could afford to be very picky with the Winter Whiting and Sweet Lip, I had my share of luck and even managed to land a couple of unwanted species including an Eastern Fortescue, no one I spoke to bragged about the giants, however we did have a small pod of Killer Whales being herded back out to see on the eastern side of Fraser today, You could tell the mood of the fishermen / fisherwomen was good by all the chatter back at the Urangan ramp and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings,
Kind regards,

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