Report Fri 28th Apr 06

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Report Fri 28th Apr 06

Post by Brad » Sat Apr 29, 2006 7:59 am

The new moon again brings the large tides for this month and it’s a great time to fish for a whiting or two off the beaches. The tides in the early morning are the best bet. Live yabbies, worms and prawns are the best bait. Bream around the rock wall at the marina would also be worth a try.
Out in the boat; the tuna are everywhere at the moment. Hot spots are the Outer Banks and around Moon, and reports say there are some big ones amongst the schools.
There are some winter whiting around at the moment south of the harbour with some sizeable ones amongst the schools. They are also at Gatakers Bay, although they don’t seem to schooling up yet. Drift around and you should be able to pick up a feed.
The Artificial Reef is still firing. Snapper and blackall seem to be the main species caught at the moment, but you can still pick up the odd coral bream. An hour before and after the tide is the only time fishable due to the big tides and massive amount of run.
Snapper are also around off Arch Cliffs and this weekend looks good to head out wider than usual. The Southern and Northern Gutters should fish well. Rooney’s may also be worth a try.

Ray Ozich

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