Report Fro 12th May 06

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Report Fro 12th May 06

Post by Brad » Fri May 12, 2006 4:48 pm

The full moon this weekend should bring the fish on the bite, which is great news for all you fishos. The bad news is the wind might beat us all to the punch and we’ll all be stuck in the rivers and creeks this weekend.

Reports from anglers say the Arch Cliffs area is Mackerel Central at the moment. Spotty mackerel to 80cm have been caught, with bigger ones busting off anglers before they could see what they were. Fresh bait is essential, preferably live pike or herring, and keep a berley trail going.

The most notable catch of the day, by Allan Jobson, was a small black marlin of about 5 ft and about 30 to 35Kgs. It chose his 8ft snapper rod and gave it a real work out with some great tail walking and head shaking, however after 10 mins it decided that was it and the line parted.

Snapper are still getting caught on the Artificial Reef and we are starting to see a few spangled emperor getting caught as well. These are absolutely beautiful table fish but only keep what you need and leave some out there for the rest of us! One angler got lucky, catching a very decent sized scarlet sea perch on Thursday. He brought the fish in to Tackleworld, and Nathan looked inside its mouth and promptly retrieved the hook he cut off from his session on the Arti on Monday night. All you can say about that is, fish certainly stay around a particular area for at least some amount of time!

The tides will be perfect early morning and late afternoons for a fish on the beach, with reports of some great whiting getting caught, although not in huge numbers. Make sure you know the difference between summer and winter whiting as they could be mixed in the schools.

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Chopper tailor are getting caught in a lot of the gutters, especially north of Cathedral Beach. Good sized whiting, jew and flathead are being caught along most of 90 Mile Beach. All looks good for the fishing comp coming up soon.

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