Report Thur 8th June 06

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Report Thur 8th June 06

Post by Brad » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:23 am

Tailor are on the go in the Burrum at the moment. Trolling a Producer or chrome lure through the channel is the best method and seems to be working on the bigger sized ones.

Winter whiting are still off Dundowran Beach, but if you haven’t got a boat you can get yourself down to Shelley Beach with some live yabbies and catch a feed. Reports tell us they are in amongst the sand whiting schools down there. The winteries have some good size to them too.
The mackerel are still around the beacons, especially the North Cardinal Mark. Both broad barred and school mackerel are hanging around. A trolled lure or a spin with chrome slugs is working best, although they will take a ganged pillie.

The snapper are still on the Artificial Reef. Spangled emperor are also there on the night tides. You can also catch snapper out from Arch Cliffs, and the Outer Banks.

The Pier is a good place to catch a bluefin tuna or a mack tuna on live bait. Whiting and flathead are getting caught in the first channel. Bream are getting caught in close around the pylons as well. You can also catch a few bream off the rock wall at the harbour and at Kingfisher.

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The drizzly rain over the past couple of days has made beach travel a breeze at the moment. The gutters from Eurong to just past the Maheno wreck are producing the most fish. Flathead, large whiting and dart are what’s mostly getting caught. There have been quite a few sharks around, which indicates a lot of fish in the area and there has been the odd whale sighting as well.

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