Report 1/2/18

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Report 1/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:29 pm

What a great start to the year we had, with some stunning conditions for the first half of January. Let's hope it continues through February.


Guests enjoyed some solid fishing for Golden trevally, longtail tuna, mackerel, mac tuna, cobia ,queenfish and more throughout January. Queenfish were a fun on the surface with some big fish coming in on top water lures. Cotton Cordell pencil poppers are always a favourite of mine for queenfish along with the old trusty Halco rooster popper.

This queenfish crunched a Halco Roosta popper.

Big golden trevally were also about with some big specimens in the mix. We caught goldens on a range of techniques, soft plastics are always a winner with micro jigs also working well on the schooling fish. We also got a few on sinking stick baits worked through the schools.

Sunny loved his golden action.

Other captures in January were black marlin, big diamond trevally,Spanish mackerel,grey mackerel,coral trout,sweetlip,black spot tusk fish and mixed reefies.

Scarlets (nannygai) are always a welcome catch.

Throughout February we will start to really hunt longtail tuna, our season usually kicks off when the first low pressure system comes down close to the coast. I’m looking forward to the challenge of targeting the longtails, they certainly demand some good angling techniques to knock them over in good time. Some of my favourite lures for targeting longtails are the zman 5 inch streakz ,Nomad Mad Scad, followed by the Daiwa "Over There" if you can find them as they are discontinued.They certainly take a wide range of offerings which makes them one of the great sport fish of Australia. Fly anglers won't miss out either with plenty of opportunities to target longtails on the fly.

Dave with a good size longtail.

Other species that will be about over the coming months are queenfish, broad bar mackerel, golden trevally,cobia,mac tuna and more.

Ben getting a cobia off the bottom.

Murray, Pete and myself are looking forward to the coming months with plenty of spectacular fishing ahead of us. This time of year sees some very cool fishing, bring It on! If you are after some longtail action along with our fantastic fishing coming up through Autumn, send us a email at

Chris Tyquin takes out our catch of the month. Chris landed this big black spot tuskfish on 20lb braid while being guided by Chozza.

Andrew Chorley

Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing

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