Weekly Report 9 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 9 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:09 am

Well the festive season is over for another year, and all you fellow anglers out there probably would have received plenty of goodies to try out in the 2008 fishing calendar year. Unfortunately the weather was downright atrocious over the Christmas break and those presents probably haven’t even sighted the water yet. On the upside, the amount of rain we received over our district should stir up our estuary systems over the coming weeks. When heading out on your next fishing trip I would definitely throw the crab pots in. With the amount of fresh water and large tides in our river systems the old mud and sand crabs will definitely be running.

Before you venture out make sure you are up to date with the crabbing regulations. You must be at least 15 years of age and use no more than four crab pots or dillies (or combination of pots and dillies) per person. Crab pots and dillies must be marked by an identifying tag bearing the surname and address of the owner. They must have a light-coloured surface float attached, no less than 15cm in any dimension with the name of the owner clearly inscribed on it. Only male mud crabs are allowed to be taken and must be a minimum of 15cm from spine to spine on their shell. A bag limit of ten mud crabs per person applies. Male sand crabs are measured differently to mud crabs. Only male sand crabs can be taken and have to be 11.5cm across the shell from the point immediately forward of the base of the large lateral spine. There is no bag limit on sand crabs. Grab a crab measurer – it makes it a lot easier to measure these clawed critters. There are numerous pots on the market these days and most of them are collapsible to enable them to be carried easily. Keep in mind a lot of them are very light in construction and with large tides and a run of fresh water they can easily be swept away. For mud crabs, try to set your pots close to the muddy banks and mangrove trees, out of the main current. For sand crabs, target the areas around the sand bars. I find the best baits to use are mullet heads or whole mullet. With crab pots, I would check them at the change of each tide and with dillies about every hour. If you have any doubt with crabbing regulations pop into the store and ask for your free Recreational Fishing Rules and Regulations for Queensland.
All the best for the New Year.
Until next time,
Gary Leather
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Such nice Muddies.

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