Weekly Report 25 Aug 11

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Weekly Report 25 Aug 11

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 25, 2011 12:57 pm

Over the past few weeks, the bass have really some on the chew in the local Bundaberg impoundments, as this time of year is a spawning time. Although the bass need salt to spawn, the fish in the dams and impoundments still carry the instincts to spawn, so they school up to mate. The females roe up but just don’t release the eggs without the salt. So, it is not uncommon to sound around the dams and find schools of bass containing hundreds of fish.

You are best to sound around till you find the most active school. On your sounder, you’ll see active bass taking up most of the screen. Inactive fish tend to sulk and hug the bottom and can be hard to tempt. The active bass can be caught by jigging soft plastics or Blades with a simple two-hop retrieve being the best. My favourite method is to slow-roll the Jackall TN60 Vibes, meaning I’ll punch out a long cast over the school of bass, give 5-10 winds of the reel, then pause to let the lure sink back down and wind again.

In the early mornings, you may get an edge bite by fishing around the weedy edges of the dam, using Bassman Spinnerbaits or even surface poppers. Bass fishing is great fun and, pound for pound the bass are an excellent fighting fish. An added bonus is that dam fishing for bass isn’t affected by bad weather as much as the saltwater, so when the saltwater fishing is a bit slow, have a crack at a bass - you’ll love it! Also, the best thing about fishing in the freshwater is that you don’t have to wash your gear when you get home.
Till next time, Tim Mulhall.

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