Atomic Plazos - Soft Plastics

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Atomic Plazos - Soft Plastics

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:56 pm

As summer approaches our summer species will start to fire up, so it will be time to drag out the soft plastics. An exciting plastic to hit our shelves in recent times is the new Atomic Plazos and these plastics are racking up some unreal fish catches. So what makes the Plazos so good? For starters they come in many shapes and sizes such as stick baits, prawns (prongs), curl tails and paddle tails and as well they come in heaps of colours. The Atomic Plazos are made tough. They are much more durable than most other plastics that I have used.

The Atomic Plazos don’t dry out and go stiff and have natural fish and smell attractants built in, so once they hit the water, the scent releases to trigger more bites. They have softer tails for maximum movement and are suitable for fresh and salt water species. I have used these for some time now, catching bream, flathead, salmon, grunter and even a Jack. And I will say that these have out-fished all other big name plastics I have used.

These Plazos can be rigged in many ways from conventional jig heads to hidden weights for a more natural presentation to weedless hooks for working the snags. They come in some of the best colours that I have seen with Ghost orange being my favourite colour. It just has a prawny look about it. On a lighter note, although they have natural fish attractants, it is stated that they are not fit for human or pet consumption. So grab some Atomic Plazos next time you head out and you will be surprised; but remember, don’t eat your Plazos ‘cos the fish will.

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