Report Mon 15th Jan 07

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Report Mon 15th Jan 07

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:31 am

Last week proved to be a godsend for those still on school holidays. Most mornings were very friendly for heading out to sea and early in the week the reefies obliged. Later in the week as the neap tides took over, the fishing slowed considerably. However somewhat surprisingly, Spanish
mackerel continued to bite right through the quarter moon, especially up north.

The weather pattern this week seems to have stalled for some reason. If the predictions are correct, we will see solid 15-20 knot south-easterlies all week. That's a shame, because the fishing would have picked up again
as the tides increase towards the new moon on Friday.

The crabs are still about and moving upstream in the Fitzroy - if you can find a spot to put a pot that is.

There have been quite a few decent fish caught around Curtis Island lately. The specific locations are being kept a closely guarded secret, but good fingermark and blue threadfin have been keeping the punters happy.

With the return of large day time high tides this coming weekend, the beaches would be worth a try for whiting and dart. If the weather changes for the better and we can get offshore, early mornings should get you a Spano and there are some top quality doggies east of the Keppel's.

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