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Report Thursday 5 Jul 07

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:30 am

I'm questioning my own advice at the moment. I thought last weekend would fish well, but it was terrible. I tried and failed to catch a bream around the headlands, then tried and failed to catch anything in the estuaries. So I went offshore to the Keppel's on Sunday afternoon and fished into the evening for near enough to diddly squat too. What a disaster! But as it turned out, I wasn't the only one, with hardly anyone finding a feed other than more than 60kms offshore.

So what happened?
The weather was near perfect as far as sea and wind conditions go, but the direction was a problem - westerly. It was also full moon on the
Saturday. Almost all species of fish stop feeding on the days they actually spawn. I'm figuring that bream in particular spawned over last weekend, hence why even my berley failed to attract any interest. Makes sense and I need an excuse, so there it is.

Looking forward though.
The barrage gates on the Fitzroy River at Rocky have been opened to
release some water coming down from recent rains, so the previously clear saltwater has turned brown and fresh. That scratches the river as a
potential fishing location for a while I'm afraid. It might provide a
window for crabbing way downstream, but it still might a tad too cold for
that. The weather chart suggests we're in for another burst of cold southerlies. That may improve the inshore fishing a bit (can't be any worse). It could be worth an early morning try for a Doggie in close, but they are likely to be pretty small. Fishing around the Keppel's has died, but must surely improve soon. The water temperature in Keppel Bay is down to about 17 degrees, and I do know of at least one big snapper being lost at the side of the boat, so they are around. Corio Bay and Waterpark Creek are extremely fresh at the moment and I wouldn't expect them to fish very well for a little while either. The northern beaches look OK, but I haven't heard any reports of decent whiting or dart. Could be a try though.

The pic is my deckie Dereck with a very rare and most welcome true parrot (not a tuskfish) he caught last weekend - only decent fish between us for about a collective 15 hours effort.
Dereck with a very rare and most welcome true parrot

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