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Report 19 Jul 07

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:19 am

Howdy everyone from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay and the surrounding Islands ( all 48 within reach - at last count ) How cold has it been. The South Wester winds have been playing havoc in our area - at least we can not complain - hell in Canberra they not only have politicians but ice also - to contend with and no fish or crabs.

Last week we saw quality catches of mackerel - yep spannos also - cobia - red emperor - parrot - and trout come in off the reef and islands. Friends of ours Doc Pete from Adelaide, John and Andy had a ball on their ten day trip. They were more than happy in Johns boat "deep blue", unfortunately I didn't get any happy snaps. Welcome to Stanage - Alligator Point, to one of my oldest mates John and Karen who are now the proud owners of one of the best properties at the bay. John, well and truly christened both the shed and his huge fish filleting table, over the past week. Some of the fellas, yep, Chris, Rob, Nath, John, Pete, mostly from Bris.)pulled in some nice reds, trout, mackerel, grunter and crabs - oh yea not to forget - a Morton bay bug - which they promptly scooped up, cooked up and ate. Seeing is believing I can tell you. A couple of surprises when a few barra were pulled in as well as huge king salmon and fingermark.

Paul and his mates in the Oasis last week had an absolute ball and did not want to leave. "The Lost Boys" from Hervey Bay are back with their crew catching fish and having fun, onya lads! Maree and Rod and their family and friends enjoyed their two week stay in the villa and booked for next year, but Stuart and his bro are not doing so well this week - with only catching a cobia and a few titbits to date. Some of the campers have been in and pretty happy with their lot, nice sized grunter and fingermark, many of them that have left vowed to return next year if not sooner. Good to see Nic and his family back again with some happy fishing and no complaints - I would be very shocked if I ever heard Nic complain. All I can say is to the 90% of fishermen that don't catch fish - keep on trying, its the best relaxation therapy, if you let it be.

With this cold weather ( much colder than normal ) the muddies are taking two days to pot, have to admit I don't want to get out of bed either nowadays. Just wondering with the cold winter now being much like when I was a kid, will summer be like then also, hot, with lots of storms, rain and cyclones ?? That's Tony's thought of the week. The Road: Well Tony and I came in last night with a load of beautiful fresh Pillys, Squid, Prawn, Slimy Mackerel and Gar (yep we do sell them and do good deals) we were pleasantly surprised to see how far the council had reached with their grading, in just a day. A few road hints for you. The first 10km (aprox) is bitumen, then there is unsealed road (not bad) with a splash of bitumen in front of the properties Hillview -Tilpal and Lyndon. Beware past the homestead (Tilpal) if you haven't travelled the stanage bay road before, there are a couple of tight bends, and a couple of narrow bridges/ grids / crossings. One fellow lost control and his new shark cat ended up where it didn't belong, in the gully - thus his fishing trip was cancelled. That was only last week. The unsealed road beyond Lyndon until 100m before the first grid at Torilla is quite good - any pot holes should be able to be dodged easily. Almost all the way from Torillas boundary to the Army turnoff is heteroecious if not quite dangerous in places, especially at the first grid at Torilla Station. Once you get past the Army turnoff you are pretty sweet until Couti Outi, that's when you get quite a lot of corrugation. Once you hit the Hollins Bay boundary the unsealed road is not too bad at all, any pot holes can be missed with ease, there are two gully's with ruts before you come to the Langham sign, and just for good measure there is one huge and unexpected pothole, just past the homestead entrance to Stanage Bay (yep there is a cattle property called stanage bay) its only a few more minutes then you have sealed road " Welcome to Stanage" - enjoy your stay. Bevan and Mare have nice cold beers waiting at the pub and Von and Tony have plenty of Bait, Tackle, Ice and Info at the tackle shop in the Boat Yard as well as comfy accommodation ( you must book ) - come and visit us.

In saying all that I do hope I have not scared you away - rather than help you have a good trip in. As soon as you turn off the highway onto the Stanage Bay road there is a sign with all the cattle properties and the km to them. Remember just drive to the conditions and enjoy the quietness and scenery, that's what holidays are about. The Army Closure finishes in the next day or two after plenty of pounding of bombs over the past few weeks, I still can not work out how one can bomb a green zone - or how come it was green zoned knowing it was bombed. For as long as I can remember Shoalwater Bay has been a Military Training area, and for parts of the year has been used just as that. I am not complaining about the Military - rather than pondering why GRMPA chose to green zone such an area. Not to worry, I guess its for the safety of our country and freedom at the end of it. Freedom ? No Fishing? Bombing ? Greenzone? If you can add light to this please feel free to set me straight because I am baffled. At the end of the day "Mother Nature Does Our Greenzoning Up Here" - between the wind, big tides and weather - I personally do not think we require green zoning. ( that is only my personal opinion)

Ok my fellow fishers if you need anymore info on any part of our beautiful paradise simply email, phone or fax (07 49 373 198 new fax number). Sometimes we can not get to the phone ( we have message bank which is only checked nightly however no call waiting, so you may have to phone back - sorry) there is usually only one of us here at any one time, and at times it can get quite hectic. So please be patient and forgive us if your call is not answered everytime, we do our best, ok. I am just going to add a couple of pics from some of our renters that have emailed me and they have never weighed their catch in. Please enjoy.
Cheers when keepin those rods wet,
Von and Tony
bazza with barra.JPG
Locky's barra at boat ramp.JPG
Locky's barra at boat ramp.
27-05-05 003.jpg
Sparkys mate with some of their catch at Baz and Jillys.
22-05-05 003.jpg
Father n Son in the Oasis.
Picture 019.jpg
Charlie and his Jew.
Stanage Fishing 004.jpg
Pete with a nice Red Emperor.
Stanage Fishing 015.jpg
Cameron n grassy sweet lip.
Stanage Fishing 013.jpg
Steve what a trout.
Stanage Fishing 001.jpg
Margie and trout - Stanage Waters
27-05-05 002.jpg
Sparky Bob with his trout - well done as usual mate.

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