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Report 16 Aug 07

Post by Brad » Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:10 am

Another bottler of a weekend has just gone. Saturday especially was picture perfect, while Sunday was cloudly with the odd spot of rain, but a flat calm sea all day long. That has all added up to large numbers of people on the water and things have started to look up as far as fishing goes.

The estuaries are finally coming good, with good schools of hungry Blue threadfin in Coorooman Creek and top quality whiting appearing in Corio Bay and Fishing Creek. There are reports of doggie mackerel inshore and slowly getrting thicker, but the water has been so clear that they are reluctant to bite. Sunday with the cloud cover would have been the best day to chase them I reckon. Around the Keppels the water clarity is like good quality vodka and not surprisingly, the fishing has been a bit slow. However a bright spot has been the schools of squid on the prowl and willing to take a jig. I know of some excellent catches being made recently. The bodies are reasonable to eat, but the heads make great baits for big reds and cod, so don't chuck them away.

The four day chart at the time of writing this piece doesn't look too flash. The coming weekend could be pretty blowy by the look of it. But every cloud has a silver lining and a period of rough weather should result in better fishing once it dies down.But try the creeks for a feed of big whiting. A few of us from Capricorn Sunfish hosted a minibus load of kids from Theodore last weekend for a fish in Fishing Creek. Most had never fished in saltwater before, let along get on the end of a yabbie pump, so it was an exciting experience for them. Everyone, including us, had a great day and some of the kids went home with a feed of decent whiting as a bonus. Apparently they're still talking about it back at home.
Young James from Theodore in his old faithful hat is pretty happy with his big whiting.

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