Weekly Report 28/8/07

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Weekly Report 28/8/07

Post by Brad » Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:59 pm

There isn't much to add to last week's report really. The weather has prevented most people from fishing offshore lately and it's doubtful it's going to improve very much in the near future. However the Fitzroy River continues to shine. Monster king threadfin have been the talk of the town. The river has always been well known for its kingies, but normally the average size caught on a line is about 1-2kg. Recently, king over the magic metre mark have been pretty common - apparently. Some have even been pushing 1.5m! I reckon a king that length would have to weigh around 20kg or better. Now there is a trick to catching such huge fish of course. Knowing where they hang out is a pre-requisite, but if you figure that out, then getting them to bite is the real secret. Very large threadfin have very large mouths if you've ever been lucky enough to see one. So presenting them with very large live baits is the trick. I hear that those catching them regularly are using livies in the 40cm size range. Most of us would be reluctant to use a 40cm fish as a livie - we'd rather fillet them and eat them ourselves. But that's the secret if you're prepared to accept the challenge.

Also in the river, the first early season barra have fallen to a lure. The water temperature is creeping into the low 20's and they are starting to stir. Things will continue to improve week by week on this front. Bring on the Rocky Barra Bounty (19-20 Oct). But better get your nomination in, as it's filling up fast. I am still hearing reports of good schools of Blue threadfin in Coorooman Creek and other locations along the coast. They may tail off a little this week after the full moon though. The bright side of the wind is that the previously" too clear water", will murk up a bit which should be good for fishing. The estuaries are always worth a try for a feed of whiting and flathead this time of year.
Good luck!

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