Weekly Report 19 Sep 07

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Weekly Report 19 Sep 07

Post by Brad » Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:26 pm

The daytime mercury hit 30 degrees this week - spring has definitely sprung. I was offshore in the middle of last week and the surface water
temperature was still below 19 degrees. That is quite cool for September, but I did notice the first signs of Trichodesmium (scum) forming north of the bay. The water in Keppel Bay is very discoloured, especially close inshore, suggesting the expected mackerel run will be a little while off yet.

Corio Bay as I indicated last week, has had a serious fresh flow and a tannin coloured plume was evident pushing as far as about 5km out from the mouth last week. I very much doubt that estuary would be worth fishing at the moment. I would expect that the Doggie macks might be hanging north at places like 5 Rocks and Cape Manifold waiting for the water to clear. They might also be sitting out around the Keppels, but I haven't heard any whispers to confirm that theory. It looks like the spring weather pattern will remain for a while now, so early mornings are the go for offshore fishing. There should be reefies around the Keppel's and further out wide the usual reds will almost certainly be on the chew.

We found a few really nice grunter north of the bay last week, so there may be an early run of these fine table fish. The Fitzroy River is still totally fresh in the city reach, however the odd barra has been taken on live bait since the gates closed. One of these was tagged and came from a stocking back in February 2005 upstream in Alligator Creek. It had grown from about 200m when tagged, to 700mm in the two and a half years of feedom. This is good news and proves the stocking upstream is having a positive effect. It is most likely that this and many of this mates came downstream a couple of weeks ago during the small flow.

Unfortunately the local pros and indigenous netters will reap the major benefit of this stocking. What hurts the most is the fact that neither of
these sectors puts a single red cent into purchasing the fingerlings. One day someone in power will wise up and do something to address the
imbalance and injustice. Coorooman Creek and Port Alma could be worth a try this weekend for a fingermark and grunter.
Good luck.

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