Weekly Report 3 oct 07

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Weekly Report 3 oct 07

Post by Brad » Wed Oct 03, 2007 7:34 am

Unfortunately I haven't got a lot of good news to report this week. Central Queensland has been in the grip of a sustained period of north to
north-westerly winds. And everyone knows that north-westerlies and fishing are mutually exclusive - that means they don't play together well. So while the early mornings up to about 9am have been pretty fair on the ocean, the fish know what's coming and have largely maintained a very low profile. I noticed the first rafts of Trichodesmium algae (scum) along the front beach this week. That should herald the imminent arrival of spotted mackerel. Obviously the inshore water temperature is rising fairly rapidly, although I was surprised to find the surface temperature around the Keppel's last weekend was still only just into the 20's. The spotties are late this year, but hopefully better late than never.

Corio Bay is still pretty discoloured and not fishing too flash at the moment. We've experienced very warm daytime temperatures that have seen the Fitzroy River downstream coming good. Some decent barra are appearing just in time for the Rocky Barra Bounty in a couple of weeks, and some quality bream are still on the chew in the lower reaches. There are a few schools of dart on the beaches, but many are on the small side. Once the west gets out of the wind, we should see the beaches improve. A bright spot for the last few months has been the Blue threadfin along the coast. A lot of big fish (2-4kg) have been taken on small lures off the shore and people are thinking that the netting bans along most of the coast are bearing fruit at last. Unfortunately the anomally that allows commercial netting to continue around the Rosslyn Bay Harbour and Statue Bay is being exploited and the salmon schools are being hit hard at the moment.

The coming weekend tides are perfect for bottom bouncing offshore, so lets hope the winds are favourable and we can manage to sneak in a spot of fishing between the Bathurst motor racing.

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