Weekly Report 23 Oct 07

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Weekly Report 23 Oct 07

Post by Brad » Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:43 pm

We're still suffering from pretty ordinary spring weather unfortunately. Offshore fishing has largely been a non-event now for a few weeks and prospects aren't bright for much improvement. The water along the coast is very dirty as you'd imagine because of the strong winds and I can't see it coming good until we get at least a 3 day window of decent conditions. Same goes for the beaches too. Until the water clears up a bit, give them a miss. That only leaves us with the estuaries once again.

The Fitzroy River unexpectedly turned it on for the Rocky Barra Bounty last weekend. No less than 322 fish were tagged for the two day event, with 173 of them being barra. Conditions were far from ideal, but the water temperature was up and I guess the expertise of the fishers shone through. There were some qualtiy King threadfin caught as well as the barra, so maybe working the city reaches this weekend with live prawns could be the go, although the tides are a bit big in my experience.

I haven't mentioned the Causeway Lake for while, but it is coming into its best time now as summer approaches. Across this full moon the run-throughs will be the prime time, with queenies, trevally and the odd grunter and jack on offer. Waterpark Creek is always worth a look, although the big tides create a lot of tidal movement up there. If the wind isn't too strong, Corio Bay could produce a feed of whiting for the persisent fisher.
Good luck.

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