Weekly report 7 Nov 07

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Weekly report 7 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:13 pm

Can't fish for reef fish (9 day closure). Can't catch a barra (closed season). Can't catch a mackerel (wind). Sound familiar? Replay of last week's report. I haven't heard any reports of exciting catches anywhere in the week just gone - that's not to say there haven't been, just that I haven't heard about them. Looking ahead, the weather pattern isn't encouraging for some days yet. We have a humungus high pressure system dominating the east coast surface weather pattern, with upper level troughs above. All that means is wind and showers at best.

Saturday sees the November dark moon. Tide heights are surprisingly fishable though, with mid-morning highs and late afternoon lows. So at least you will be able to work the estuaries if you have to get a fix. Best option could be to fish the evening smaller high tides for grunter. The afternoon run out tides would be very suitable for looking for a whiting in the gutters. Other than that, Awoonga Dam is still giving up ome monster barra, but be warned that the lake gets very choppy in winds above 15 knots and the uninitiated can get into trouble and end up very wet. Not much more I can say unnfortunately. Things can only get better.

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