Weekly Report 21 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 21 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Wed Nov 21, 2007 5:42 pm

This is like a broken record. We're stuck in a weather pattern that just keeps repeating. I can't remember such a prolonged windy period this time of year. Witth the price of fuel around 130c/litre right now, maybe it isn't such a bad thing we can't get offshore. We're running up to the full moon this weekend, so that might provide an opportunity for some landbased fishing at least. The morning high tides are going to be very large, so that makes estuary fishing a bit difficult.

The Causeway run-through will no doubt be popular, although I personally think the tides are too big for good run-through fishing. The southern end of Kinka Beach could produce a few whiting round to Rita Mada. I think the Fitzroy River won't be worth the effort, as the water will be very dirty and the run will be excessive. I haven't heard any whispers about crabs being around, but the smaller night tides could be worth a try. I checked out Fishing Creek last weekend to see if there were any early signs of prawns - result zero, not even tiny ones, so not looking too flash for a good season this summer. But I have heard that there are a lot of jelly prawns in Coorooman Creek, so maybe that will fire towards January/February?
Keep hoping -

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