Weekly Report 28 Nov 07

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Weekly Report 28 Nov 07

Post by Brad » Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:06 am

There was a day and a half of decent weather last weekend. That was just about front page news. However the tiny window coincided with the full moon, meaning the tides were huge and very unsuitable for offshore bottom fishing. Nevetheless, heaps of us desperardos went anyway just for therapy. We were largely rewarded with no fish, apart from a few mackerel up north from what I've heard. Too bad, the outboard has been run and we all feel so much better.

The forward forecast for this weekend isn't inspiring. They are prediciting rain and increasing winds from a low tipped to form somewhere around Frazer Island. So more of the same by the sounds of it. I did hear that the crabs started moving on the full moon tides though, so that will make some people happy. I also heard that the city reach of the Fitzroy River is full of juvenile King threadfin. That is a good sign, as it means the big adult fish managed to spawn in reasonable numbers 12 months ago. The estuaries are probably going to be the best bet this coming weekend. The tides are of friendly heights, with mid-afternoon highs. Coorooman Creek and the Port Alma area should produce fingermark and grunter, while Corio Bay should also see reasonable numbers of grunter taken. If a low pressure system does spin up to our south, the winds could be offshore, making beach fishing a definite option. The first couple of hours of the making tides are the best time to fish the beaches.
Good luck.

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