Weekly Report 12 Dec 07

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Weekly Report 12 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:15 am

I had a week off last week, wonder if anyone noticed? Had a couple of days camping therapy and blew the cobwebs away.The last reef closure is over this week, so everyone can back to normal again. Fingers crossed the weather stays favourable after the closure so we can get out and have a go. If we can, there should be hungry coral trout around the Keppel's along with the other bread and butter reef species. Not a lot of mackerel have been taken during the closure, but some people prepared to go a long way north have found a few decent spanos. There is a lot of floating trichodesmium algae on the water at the moment. If it doesn't get too thick, it shouldn't impact on fishing too much, but if it really rafts up, it does seem to put the fish off a bit.

We have neap tides this weekend, so I don't expect the estuaries to fire too well. Try for a grunter on the first hour of the dropping tide and a fingermark on livies after dark. Did you know it is proposed to increase the minimum legal size for grunter to 40cm? That will all but wipe out the estuary fishery for that species I reckon. I'm disappointed because I'd hoped they would only increase it to 35cm. But the proposed management plan is far worse than just a grunter size increase. It wants to impose a whole raft of new catch restrictions on us (the receational
fishers), but no catch restraints on the commercial sector at all. That will effectively reallocate more of what's out there to them. That can't be right! I strongly recommend you carefully analyse the proposals and be prepared to mutiny early next year. We are getting screwed big time!

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