Weekly Report 8 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 8 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:31 am

I had the first Christmas/New Year I can remember where I didn't wet a line even once. It wasn't because I was too busy or ortherwise engaged, but because the weather was so unfriendly. I doubt I was the only one. However things finally improved the weekend just gone and seems everyone who owns a boat was as desperate as I was and hit the high seas. It is estimated that there were around 300 trailers at Rosslyn Bay on Sunday. Unfortunately for most, the exercise was fruitless as far as fish were concerned. The odd decent spano was caught wide of the Keppel's, but reefies were rare everywhere. The water was pretty discoloured from the rough weather, but I just think it was one of those periods when the fish don't feed for reasons unknown to humans. My aquaruim fish at home weren't too interested in food either, so there you go.

Looking forward, it seems probable that another period of south-easterlies is coming mid-week. That will keep the water stirred up and people at home again. There are a few muddies in the estuaries I hear, even though they've copped a fair hammering over the holiday break. But still no prawns as far as I know. I haven't heard any serious reports of decent catches coming from the estuaries, but the weather hasn't been too kind even for protected waters. Maybe a few grunter could be around as the tides drop back later this week in Coorooman Creek? The beaches have been a complete waste of time of course and will need at least five days of calmer weather to clear up to a fishable level.

I heard a ripper the other day. A young bloke who knows how to fish, caught two Black spot tuskfish and dropped a juvenile cobia inside the
Causeway Lake. I wouldn't have believed it, except the lad took a digital pic and emailed it to his dad who positively ID'd the fish. Go Figure..............

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