Weekly Report 30 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 30 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:15 am

Blue skies and a river in full flood. Sounds like a "foxymoron". But that's often how it goes in Rocky. The old Fitzroy is belching millions of litres of liquid dirt and displaced clumps of hymenachne grass downstream at the moment. Levels aren't going to reach those predicted, because they forgot about the "cut-through" downstream since the huge 1991 flood. All predictive modelling has been done on pre-cut-through levels. The flood waters now have an uninterrupted passage to the sea, so don't create such a backpressure upstream around Rocky. I guess they'll review the model after this one.

Anyway, Keppel Bay is rapidly turning a shade of brown from the floodwater. This should hang around for weeks after the floods recede. The beaches are already covered in a carpet of grass and debris wasted downstream and I definitely wouldn't be roaring around the ocean after dark at the moment. Certain recipe for hitting a log. I suggest that fishing is going to be pretty slow in the main for the next month or so, then pick up and fire for the rest of the year. All good looking ahead.

So lets focus on the raft of new rules proposed for our inshore fishery.
These have been released over the Xmas period (very cynical move) and contain some extremely disturbing implications for recreational fishing in particular. This isn't the place for discussing these in detail, so my recommendation is for you to get along to the Capricorn Sunfish public meeting on Monday 4 February at 7pm at the Rocky Leagues Club and get yourself up to date on what's going on. If you don't get involved in this, you aren't going to like what they're going to do to us and it will
be too late to complain after the event.
Be there!

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