Weekly Report 6 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 6 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:31 am

The barra season has opened in CQ with hardly a whimper. That's largely because the Fitzroy is still very much in flood mode. But the other main options, Waterpark and Coorooman Creeks have been very quiet too. It will be standing room only this coming weekend at the Causeway run-throughs I suggest. That's because during January, there were quite a few barra feeding in the foam and everyone will be hoping they are still there this month. The morning highs are perfect and stay big right through until Sunday. The sticky humid days with storms hanging around will just add to the excitement.

There have been an enormous number of crab pots set around the place and many have been rewarded. That's another benefit of the recent rains and flooding. If you are game to venture offshore among the floating debris, you might be pleasantly surprised at how earger the reefies are to feed. Although the surface looks dirty and uninviting, generally the fresh sits on top of the saltwater, so down near the bottom, things aren't too bad. In the past, I've always found Grass lippers on the prowl during flood periods around the Keppels. No reason to think they wouldn't be doing the same thing right now. Forget about pelagics unless you can get out at least 50kms or more, but they should be on if you can find the edge of the fresh. Could be worth a drive up to Nine Mile Beach in search of dart and a few whiting. The water up there will be reasonably fishable I reckon.

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