Weekly Report 27 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 27 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Wed Feb 27, 2008 4:24 pm

I'm afraid still not a lot of joy to report on the fishing front. The second flood peak in the Fitzroy River has just passed, so Keppel Bay is still very fresh and unfriendly, as is the wind. One of the few bright spots has been for the crabbers. The lower parts of Corio Bay has been crabbing quite well, as have the creeks in the Port Alma area. No prizes for guessing why. This situation should continue for a few more weeks while all the fresh is still in the systems. Those with big boats have been finding reefies a long way offshore during the small windows of decent weather lately. Quality reds and sweetip have dominated most catches. I heard of a few good cobia out wide and you'd have to think that the spanos would be out there too somewhere.

There are some rumours of barra in the lagoons, but I don't know what size they are or in what quantity. Anyway, it is likely that some will have migrated into these areas with the floodwaters and it looks good for the next few years. It is a lot of fun chasing barra in the lagoons, but they are of inferior eating quality and I'd strongly recommend they be photographed and released, rather than killed. They are of much greater value as a sportfish in these freshwater locations than dead and disappointing on the dinner table. And in due course they should migrate back into the saltwater with a future flood and contribute to the spawning run. Personally, I've mothballed my fishing gear for a while until the wet season is over.

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