Weekly Report 7 Mar 08

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Weekly Report 7 Mar 08

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:01 pm

The strong winds haven't abated at all this past week and there is little prospect of any improvement in the foreseeable future either unfortunately. So that just leaves the estuaries as the only real option. Corio Bay has started producing a few fish of late. Most of course have been down the front where the water is a bit salty. The crabbers are still getting a feed and there are prawns here and there of reasonable size. It could be worth a try on the big Causeway run-throughs in the mornings over the dark moon, but the lake was very fresh after the rains and I wonder how many fish exited during that period.

Good news is that there are reports of juvenile barra coming in from a range of locations. That suggests there was a successful spawning late last year and recruitment into the freshwater nursery areas should be strong. There have been a few legal sized barra taken on lures in the lagoons just south of Rocky lately. That is quite unusual after a flood, because normally only juvenile fish move into these areas. No one is arguing though, because it provides some exciting fishing.

The commercial netters have been catching heaps of barra in the lower reaches of the Fitzroy River that are from upstream stocking over recent years. The good thing is that the stocking is definitely proving a success, but the downside is that recreational fishers are not reaping the benefits of their labours at the moment. We just have to hope the nets miss enough so that when the water finally clears up, the remaining fish will disperse throughout the system and make for some good fishing after winter.

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