Weekly Report 19 Mar 08

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Weekly Report 19 Mar 08

Post by Brad » Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:14 pm

Chocolate is good for stress relief - apparently. Luckily I have heaps of Easter chocies waiting to be devoured, so my stress at not being able to get on the water should be reduced. The advanced forecast holds little good news for Central Queenslanders hoping to wet a line over the four day break. Although there is a slight chance that by Monday the wind may be back to 15 knots, but don't hang your hat on that prediction. So what are your options? Few I'm afraid. There will be Causeway run-throughs on the morning high tides across the weekend, so that will be a popular place for sure. I'm still not sure how many fish are still in lake following the flooding, but best way to find out is give it a try.

The large tidal movements across the weekend aren't great for fishing the estuaries, but there is no other real choice, so make the best of it. I'd favour the afternoon run out tides over the morning run ups personally. There should be a few grunter hunting the holes towards the front of the creeks where the saltwater concentration is better. Yabbies or fresh parwns are best baits, and use as light a sinker and line as you dare. There will definitely be a lot a catfish around. so be prepared to catch more than your share of this annoying animal. I'm sure there will be a lot of cast nets being tossed around over the break. Best prawns are, or were, in Coorooman Creek, but they seem to be moving around a lot. I tried Fishing Creek last weekend, but only found a few small prawns in the pockets of satlwater. The main creek was still very fresh and the prawns didn't like that at all. I also heard the Port Alma creeks are full of small prawns, but no where near big enough to chase yet. Next month maybe? Although perhaps it might be worth looking for a piece of creek that hasn't been worked over by the netters, as King
salmon should be hunting the jelly prawns.Have a great break anyway and remember, broken chocolate has no calories.

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