Weekly Report 4 Apr 08

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Weekly Report 4 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:49 am

Last Sunday saw the Rosslyn Bay carpark full to overflowing, unfortunately the good weather coincided with the quarter moon. That resulted in pretty hard going for most anglers, but few complained because we were all so desperate to get on the water. Some parties who travelled a long way, returned with reasonable hauls of decent reds and trout in particular. Those like me who stayed around the Keppels worked pretty hard for a feed. Not surprisingly, there didn't seem to be many mackerel closer in, but the water clarity wasn't too bad, so perhaps they won't be too far away?

The forecast for this weekend isn't good, with yet another strong wind warning on the cards. The tides have flicked over for the winter period, so we now see the bigger tides during the evenings The dark moon falls on Sunday, so we will see very large night tides, with morning highs still big enough to push through the Causeway. The lake has been pretty quiet since the flood rains, as a lot of fish obviously vacated the area when it was flowing fresh and it will take a while for them to come back in.So not much joy ahead by the looks of it.
Never mind, winter is on the way. It will come good one of these days.

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