Weekly Report 7 Apr 08

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Weekly Report 7 Apr 08

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:55 pm

Howdy to all from Stanage Bay and the surrounding Islands
Well how busy does it get? Fundraising for the fishing comp over Easter was hectic. A big THANKYOU to all that supported us with donations ( Your names will be posted ASAP on this site) also THANKYOU, to all that participated in the fun - adventures and fishing comp, over Easter. The Stanage Township raised over $20,000.00 to be split between several charities - The Flying Doctors, Rescue Chopper, Coastguard, Rural Fire, Fish Restocking and our Local First Aid Room. Considering the weather, the road, the bagging from a radio announcer we still managed to have a fantastic time with the bonus of 198 fish being weighed in - and yep there were some late that couldn't be weighed in. (Sorry Jase, clean your Barra at the weigh in station next year if youre late). Photos will also be posted on this site ASAP. The Receipts and Certificates will be posted out ASAP to all the generous businesses and fishers that donated to our worthy causes. THANKYOU once again. (if you made a pledge, then please, still send your pledged cheque to Stanage Township Org. Inc. 36 Banksia Rd, Stanage Bay, Qld 4702 or phone me to do a Visa payment. All donations will be receipted for you tax deduction. The weather came good on the Wednesday - after Easter - the old story.

Job Well Done: Over Easter The Rescue Helicopter and ambulance visited our area twice. A man was stung with a stone fish and was treated by both the ambulance and the paramedic on the Rescue Chopper. The other incident involved a luxury 52 ft boat getting into trouble, and burning to the waterline. The young family of four escaped, however the little boy, broke his leg. Thankyou to our Coastguard "Thirsty Sound Coastguard" who worked with the Capricorn Rescue Chopper and its crew, to save these lives, in huge seas out from Shoal Water Bay. So THANKYOU to our coastguard crew Alf Nord, Bill Nord and Jill Mears for a job well done on the rescue boat and well done to Reg who monitered the radios at the Stanage Coastguard Base station, we are very proud of your achievement. We might be a small community, but we have a huge heart and a spirit worth bottling. (scotch and rum doesn't even come close)

On the fishing side of things: Tony and I went out off shore and stayed overnight along with dozens of other fishers. We all caught some of the best and biggest fish ever. Not many weigh Ins however we did get a pic of a couple of our favourite fish for you. All quality fish was caught by all. Red emperor, Coral Trout, Sweet lip, Mackerel, Cobia, Salmon( in the sound), Barra (in the sound). What more could one ask for. The Monster Muddies have finally returned after the big fresh - thank goodness for that. Remember, throw back the empty crabs ( if you can press in their under carriage they are empty - its nothing to do with colour up here - colour only tells you where the crab has been living and how old he is generally) Mark all your pots and tie all your pots to the mangroves. Leave other pots alone if you do not own them - Our township do not tollerate crab theives or pot theives and if caught you will be shamed on this report and on the notice board at stanage. Commercal crabbers make a living from this area, they pay a lot of money for their licences, gear, fuel and bait. They are the salt of this area and will only help you, they are all members of the coastguard - so please respect them. How do i know this - because Tony and I are commercial crabbers as well as being recreational fishers and i think you all know how much we help you. ok.

The Road Report: No it hasn't been sealed all the way, nor do we want it to be. No it hasn't been graded - we wish it would be - so with the new amalgamation of the councils who do we barrack? I suggest you bombard the Rockhampton City Council with your petition of protest about the road " from a safety aspect of course" so we can get back to the serious business of fishing. Ok - since the rain, there are about 6 bad spots, which will slow you to about 30km p/h. the rest of the road isn't too bad ( everybody says so ), but it will still take you about an hour and half to two hours if you are towing. Enjoy our beautiful scenery and wildlife on the way, its some of the best you will encounter in the country. (spoken from experience ) There is aprox 80k of dirt now not 100k.

Accommodation: you still need to book in advance generally, however we do get cancellations at the last minute, so stay in touch. Its not expensive only $116 per night for up to 6 people extras are $12 per person more per night - if you leave the places clean and tidy as you find them. A hefty cleaning fee applies else on top of the price quoted. Remember there is reef fishing all year round, except for the reef fin closures, which doesn't take in the sweet lip and some other species. So don't ruin you sense of adventure or what could be great weather and a great holiday, by trying to dodge the closures. Take it all on the chin and get on with the serious and fun business of fishing. ok. Well everyone that's enough of gas bagging for this week. I will try and add a few pics for you to drool over.
Keep ya rods wet and bent,
Von and Tony
weigh in 10th april 007.jpg
Richard you beauty!
sept 07 065.jpg
Akemi showing the boys how easy it is.
Beth & Barra.jpg
Beth with a good case of crabs.
march 08 004.jpg
Von with a coral trout
march 08 006.jpg
8.5kg of red emperor. Good one Von. Showoff!
march 08 009.jpg
Tony with a couple of corkers,
march 08 011.jpg
2.3kg muddy. How's that boys.
sign lettering & picture 009.jpg
Garth with a couple right for the BBQ.
von & birthday barra.jpg
Happy Birthday Von and a nice 3lb Barra! Well, thats my guess anyway! HA

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